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Image: Sarah Murnaghan, 10, has been waiting for a lung transplant for 18 months.

Dying girl gets lungs from adult donor

The lungs offered Wednesday to a dying girl whose transplant plight changed the nation’s organ allocation rules came from an adult donor, perhaps proving that her parents were right all along.

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For five years, the face of a dying Iraqi man, shot in the head, tortured Maj. Jeff Hall, once a sharp Army leader later shoved to his own ragged edge. But after he turned that image into a mask as part of an art therapy program at Walter Reed National Military Center, he began to let it go, he says.

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The discovery of the three Ohio women is exactly the kind of hope that keeps parents of missing children going, long after their search has stopped making sense to us outsiders. Colleen Nick still posts fliers of her daughter, Morgan, who vanished 18 years ago at age 6.