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updated 4/16/2009 6:26:39 PM ET 2009-04-16T22:26:39

“Terminator” will be back — with a PG-13 rating.

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Though the high-grossing sci-fi franchise earned R ratings for its first three installments, “Terminator Salvation,” due in theaters on May 21, has been given a more audience-friendly PG-13 rating, according to the film’s latest trailer.

Director McG had pushed for an R, famously asking the audience at WonderCon in March to cheer if they wanted to see star Moon Bloodgood’s breasts in the film. But a shift to a softer rating worked well for another franchise — the Bruce Willis-starring “Live Free or Die Hard” earned almost $400 million worldwide in 2007 with a PG-13 rating after three R-rated predecessors.

The R-rated “Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines” earned $433,372,112 worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Still up in the air is whether former franchise star and current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in the film to reprise his role as the T-800.

The Governor’s office told Access Hollywood earlier this week that he would not be appearing, but McG told MTV News on April 10 that even he didn’t know if Arnold would have a cameo.

“I’m doing this interview on April 10th and we don’t know if Schwarzenegger is in the movie or not; it’s not clear,” he said. “I can say that.”

Even if Arnold does not appear, his character will be involved in the movie.

“This film is largely about Skynet collecting human tissue in the interest of creating lifelike tissue for the T-800, which is the Schwarzenegger character,” McG told MTV. “We’ve got two T-600s in the film, but it’s [about] the coming of the T-800.”

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