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Image: Hefner, Marquardt
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Hugh Hefner poses with former girlfriend Bridget Marquardt, who's now hosting The Travel Channel's "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."
updated 3/12/2009 4:23:27 PM ET 2009-03-12T20:23:27

Bridget Marquardt has hundreds of bikinis. She needs them for her new show, "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."

In a job for which millions would kill, cameras follow the former live-in girlfriend of Hugh Hefner as she checks out the world's best beaches. The show airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on The Travel Channel.

The 35-year-old blonde became famous on the E! reality show "Girls Next Door" as one of the Playboy founder's playmates. Marquardt, along with co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, recently moved out of the mansion and on with their lives. Wilkinson is now engaged and has her own E! reality show in the works. Madison is a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars" and recently broke up with illusionist Criss Angel.

Marquardt talks about her new job, Wilkinson's wedding and how Hef is doing.

AP: Your new show seems fun!

Marquardt: It's a dream job. I'm having a great time and love to just totally immerse myself in the different cultures and feel like when I go back home I can say, "I did this, I did this, I did this and I've seen it all!"

AP: Are you mindful though that most people can't afford to travel right now?

Marquardt: This show is an escape. People can save up and when they do get to take that vacation they have a better idea of where to go.

AP: What's your favorite location so far?

Marquardt: Probably Jamaica. It has something for everyone.

AP: You recently moved out of the Playboy mansion. Was it emotional?

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Marquardt: It was very emotional. I'd been there for seven years. I feel like that's my family, my friends.

AP: Did Hef mind?

Marquardt: Actually Hef was really supportive. He's really excited and always checks in on me.

AP: How often would you see him when you lived there?

Marquardt: It depends on the schedule, his schedule, the mansion's schedule. There's a really rigid schedule. Monday night is "manly" night. Tuesday we went out to dinner. Wednesday is gym night. Thursday we'd go to the club or stay home and play a game. Friday, Saturday, Sunday is buffet dinner and a movie screening.

AP: There are reports that 83-year-old Hefner isn't doing well. How does he seem to you?

Marquardt: He seems to be fine. I saw him the other day and he seems to be great.

AP: Did it get competitive among you, Holly and Kendra?

Marquardt: I would say so. I don't know about the new girls, but even though we got along really well there was still some sort of competition. I think that's true anytime you have three girls living together.

AP: You're going to be a bridesmaid in Kendra's wedding. Do you have your dress yet?

Marquardt: The wedding is so girly. I was shocked. She was like, "I want it to be baby pink and white." I was like, "Kendra, this is so not like you." I was trying on bridesmaid dresses and one happened to be lavender and I came out and she was like, "Ohmigod I love it, I love that color," and right then and there she switched her color to lavender.

AP: Do you talk to Holly?

Marquardt: I talk to her several times a week.

AP: Do you have a boyfriend?

Marquardt: Yes, I'm dating director Nicholas Carpenter (a newcomer who was co-director on "The Telling," a horror movie produced by Marquardt).

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