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Image: Chris Brown
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Withdrawing his name as a Kids’ Choice nominee was Chris Brown's idea, not the cable networks’.
By The Scoop
updated 3/11/2009 9:59:08 PM ET 2009-03-12T01:59:08

When Chris Brown pulled himself out of the running for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards via a statement issued March 11, Nickelodeon didn’t have much — if any — role in Brown’s decision or in crafting the announcement.

The statement said, in part, “Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus from the music to whether he should be allowed to be among those nominated.”

In fact, the kids’ channel didn’t get as involved as many might expect in the decision, as just prior to the statement’s release a source from inside Nickelodeon conceded that they “didn’t expect him (Brown) to attend,” but that Nickelodeon wasn’t making any official decision about his attendance. “When we put out the statement saying it was up to the kids to decide who will win, it was just a statement. Just to have something out there,” said the source.

And rumors that Nickelodeon rejected a petition to have Brown removed from the nominees for the March 28 show are “totally untrue,” says the source. “There was no rejecting of a petition.”

Nickelodeon wouldn’t say whether they’d make any announcement at the show or do a special on domestic violence at a later date.

Stopping short of addressing weighty issues is somewhat status quo, however. Nickelodeon hasn’t discussed removing Michael Phelps’ from the favorite male athlete category. After Jamie Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy, the idea of a teen pregnancy special was announced but never materialized.

The Brady-Bundchens get ready for baby
Newlywed Tom Brady may soon become a dad for the second time.

“Gisele has been ready to become a mom for some time now, but she’s Catholic and would never have a baby out of wedlock,” a friend of Bundchen’s told In Touch Weekly. “Now that she’s legally wed, having a baby is her top priority.”

His ex, Bridget Moynahan, gave birth to their son John in 2007, shortly after he left her for Gisele Bundchen, with whom he tied the knot on Feb. 26.

The supermodel has gotten a chance to hone her mothering skills with John, now 19 months. “I love kids,” Bundchen told Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s amazing that I have the opportunity to hang out with my stepson all the time.”

Bear Grylls eats his namesake’s refuse
He has evaded alligators and caught and eaten vermin onscreen, but Bear Grylls doesn’t choose to relax when he gets home. The host of the Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” delivered his youngest son, Huckleberry, on Jan. 15 on his houseboat.

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“My wife Shara and I both love home, and I have a pretty healthy hatred of hospitals, having had a few bad experiences with my back, so we thought, ‘Let’s just try doing a home birth,’” Grylls, told Men’s Journal. “The cons are you have quite a lot of blood and gore, and you don’t have emergency help if it starts to go all pear-shaped.”

Grylls said that bear excrement, camel stomach juice, raw goat’s testicles and yak eyeballs are the more disgusting natural delicacies he has sampled.

“I do take some personal enjoyment in Bear eating these things,” cameraman Simon Reay told Men’s Journal, “and he’s said that a sort of gauge of how good an eat is, is how big the grin is on my face when he does it.”

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