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Image: Melissa Etheridge
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Melissa Etheridge spoke out about gay marriage on "The View."
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updated 12/17/2008 8:26:41 PM ET 2008-12-18T01:26:41

The ladies of “The View” kept the conversation hot when singer Melissa Etheridge stopped by the ABC daytime chat fest Tuesday morning to talk about the fight for marriage equality.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked if Etheridge felt the 2008 election was bittersweet with California’s passing of Proposition 8, which attempted to amend the state’s constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

“To see human rights be up for a vote in Proposition 8, and to have people vote to take away rights, is to me, at the core, very un-American,” Etheridge said. “It was very hard to see when it passed, and it passed by such a small number.”

Hasselbeck inquired if the singer now felt more pessimistic about the future of gay rights and marriage equality.

“A huge outcry came out from it. I’m finally seeing people actually making the case for marriage equality everywhere, it’s not just just in the gay community,” Etheridge explained.

Etheridge went on to commend host Whoopi Goldberg’s comments regarding the issue and confronted Hasselbeck about hers.

“I was saddened by your conversation,” Etheridge said to Hasselbeck. “I felt you misled people,” referring to a previous discussion on the show about a priest who was put in jail for not marrying people.

Hasselbeck explained they were simply discussing the different perspectives and view points.

Etheridge stressed how those most affected by the passing of Prop 8 would be her children.

“It’s about equal protection under the law, my family, my children,” the singer told “The View” ladies.

“It should be equal.” Hasselbeck chimed in.

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A stunned Etheridge asked Hasselbeck, “So, you’re saying you’re for gay marriage?”

“For me it’s not a personal issue, it’s a legal issue,” Hasselbeck explained. “I think it should come from the people, I don’t think that activist judges should be deciding what is right for the rest of the country.”

“So, you’re saying the majority should vote on the minority?” Etheridge asked.

“Look, we’ve had mistakes in the past, I agree,” Hasselbeck conceded.

Before the issue could really explode, Sherri Shepherd interrupted, saying they were unfortunately out of time.

“Let’s have lunch and talk about it,” Hasselbeck suggested, as the ladies shared a good laugh.

And despite their differences on the issue, the segment ended on a high note.

“But, I love you,” Etheridge told Hasselbeck.

“I love you too,” Hasselbeck added.

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