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Image: Tim Robbins
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Tim Robbins created a stir on Election Day after he was unable to cast his vote in his New York City polling center. The Board of Elections says Robbins went to the wrong polling place.
Access Hollywood
updated 11/10/2008 7:06:46 PM ET 2008-11-11T00:06:46

Tim Robbins created a stir on Election Day after he was unable to cast his vote in his New York City polling center.

But on Nov. 10, Access Hollywood obtained a letter to the star from the New York City Board of Elections, claiming he went to the wrong polling place, an assertion Robbins rejected when he spoke exclusively to Access this evening.

According to a letter from the board to the actor, Robbins should have voted at Andrew Heskell Library, located at 40 West 20th Street. Instead, Robbins and his partner, Susan Sarandon, went to the McBurney YMCA, located at 125 West 14th Street.

”[It] would appear, based upon a review of your voter registration history, that your voting experience was less than positive because you simply went to the wrong poll site,” a letter from Gregory Soumas of the Board of Elections wrote in the letter.

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But, speaking exclusively to Access Hollywood, Robbins said he did go to the right place.

“This is a PR stunt by the Board of Elections to try and cover their butts over their ineptitude,” Robbins told Access.

While Robbins claimed to the NY Daily News following the incident that he had voted in the polling place twice before, according to the letter from the board, it was not during the last two times ballots were cast.

“The change of voter address was not noticed earlier because you have not voted in any recent election, including the Presidential Primary in February 2008 and the Party Primary in September 2008,” the letter continued.

Robbins, however, refuted the claims made in the board’s letter.

“I voted at my regular polling place on 14th Street in November of 2004 and 2006 and have witnesses to that,” Robbins told Access. “I have a copy of my voter registration which clearly shows my home address. A poll worker checked and my name was there on the rolls for the primaries this year. Something doesn’t jive with the actions of the Board of Elections. For no good reason, they chose to take this active voter off the voting rolls.”

Robbins said he required the action of a judge in order to vote on Nov. 4.

“I had to get a court order from a state Supreme Court judge on Election Day to be able to cast my ballot,” he told Access.

The actor, who recently received his star on the Walk of Fame, said he is looking into his legal options over the board’s letter.

“This is further outrage that the Board of Elections has today sent my voter records with my address and personal information to hundreds of news sources when they could have cleared this up,” he said. “It’s an invasion of privacy and further insult. I will be seeking legal advice and may take legal action.”

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