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  Bottom of the Earth: Ann Curry in Antarctica
Nov. 9: TODAY's Ann Curry reports from the South Pole as part of the TODAY show’s historic broadcasts from the “Ends of the Earth.”
  Middle of the Earth: Al Roker at the equator
Nov. 5: ­TODAY’s Al Roker tells about the earthquake he recently experienced while in Ecuador and has a weather report.
  Top of the Earth: Matt Lauer in Greenland
Nov. 6: A Greenland resident by the name of Peter interrupts TODAY anchor Matt Lauer during his tour of Ilulissat and gets his 15 minutes of fame.
  ‘Ends of the Earth’ montage
Nov. 9: The TODAY team takes a look back at the amazing and memorable moments of this groundbreaking series.


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Rising seas
What future sea levels could mean for some of America's favorite places
Carbon trade game
Learn how the "cap and trade" scheme works and play along in a simulated market.
The greenhouse effect
How the Earth maintains a temperature conducive to life
Cooling the planet
Check out five far-out ideas on how to engineer a cooler Earth.
Eyeing the ice
The National Science Foundation's Tom Wagner on why climate experts study Antarctica.
Melting mountains
Data shows five areas of concern
IMAGE: 2006 Honda Civic GX
Greenest and meanest vehicles
2007 vehicle models by their “green scores.”
  Viewer resources for Ends of the Earth
Slide show
Image: Bow of the Amundsen
  Breaking the ice
NBC correspondent Peter Alexander tours the chillingly beautiful glaciers, fjords and icebergs of the Northwest Passage during 23 days at sea.

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Photo gallery
Ends of the Earth 2007
Images from Ann Curry in Antarctica, Kerry Sanders at the North Pole and Peter Alexander in Ecuador.
  Ends of the Earth DVD

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  Al Gore on the climate crisis
Nov. 5, 2007: The former vice president talks to TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira about winning the Nobel Peace Prize, global warming and how we as human beings can fix it.
Vital Signs of a Warming World
The science, impacts and scenarios of climate shifts

Slide shows
Ice at the edge
View images of Greenland, where coastal edges of its vast ice cap are melting at an alarming rate.
Ice Down Under
Click to see pictures from McMurdo Station and the South Pole in Antarctica
Warming signals
View images from around the world that show signs of global warming.
Kim Cornett
Grand glaciers
Weekend TODAY's Lester Holt travels to Alaska for a peek inside the icy, majestic glaciers.

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