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Image: William Petersen stars as Gil Grissom
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It's not the final season of "CSI," but some fans say they just won't watch once William Petersen leaves the hit show. He's got 10 episodes to go.
updated 10/5/2008 3:50:11 PM ET 2008-10-05T19:50:11

How can there be a "CSI" without Gil Grissom? Fans of the original Vegas franchise will find out after 10 episodes when William Petersen leaves the show. But first, the show must deal with the loss of Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), whose character was shot in the season finale. Maybe "CSI" now stands for "Cast Switching Insanity." (Returns Oct. 9, CBS, 9 p.m.)

The "Rock, Paper, Scissors" championship airs this week. No, really. Remember what Bart Simpson said just before Lisa Paper'ed him: "Good old Rock. Nothing beats Rock." (Oct. 6, Fox Sports Net, on "Best Damn Sports Show Period.")

Halloween is coming, and "Fantastic Flesh: The Art of Make-Up EFX" will put you in a nicely gory mood. Warning: Turn away from the "Cabin Fever" leg-shaving scene. (Oct. 7, 10 p.m., Starz)

Do you miss "Mystery Science Theater 3000"? Five alums of the show, including Joel Hodgson and Mary Jo Pehl, are now performing as Cinematic Titanic, riffing on B-movies that never made it on MST3K. Their latest release, "Legacy of Blood," comes out on Oct. 9. You can buy the DVD or download the flick at www.cinematictitanic.com. Watch the trailer here.

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Sometimes in life, things happen that we can never, ever take back. In the Gus Van Sant-directed "Paranoid Park," an Oregon skateboarder finds out that life can offer challenges even tougher than any trick he's attempted on his board. (On DVD Oct. 7)

A good horror movie is so hard to find that when a film's trailer gives me goose bumps, my senses perk up. The "Quarantine" trailer provides those chills. In the fim, a group of people are isolated in a building with a woman who has a mysterious illness. Or does she? Perfect for the claustrophobic hypochondriac in your life. (Opens Oct. 10)

Ridley Scott is a master when it comes to harnessing tension (see “Black Hawk Down” and “Alien”).  So “Body of Lies,” about a CIA operative (Leonardo DiCaprio) who’s not quite sure he can trust an agency veteran (Russell Crowe), should prove to be an armrest gripper.  (Opens Oct. 10)

Who is Sally Hawkins? She’s a British actress who might just garner an Oscar nomination for her work in Mike Leigh’s “Happy-Go-Lucky,” as an overly optimistic woman who is sure things will turn out for the best. See it now, so you won’t say, “Who?” come Oscar time. (Opens Oct. 10)

They once claimed they were bigger than the Beatles, and now Oasis is back with a new album, “Dig Out My Soul.” The band’s fans seem as feisty as the group itself; recently one of them attacked Noel Gallagher on stage during a concert.   (On sale Oct. 7)

If Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé can revel in their post Destiny’s Child success, why can’t Michelle Williams? “Unexpected” is actually Williams’ third solo album, and she’s trading her gospel flair for some danceable hits.  (On sale Oct. 7)

The Annuals have the indie rock energy of Arcade Fire or Smashing Pumpkins, without either of those bands’ hyper-anthemic seriousness. The North Carolina sextet’s latest album is “Such Fun,” and if it’s anything like their debut (“Be He Me”), be prepared to move your feet. (On sale Oct. 7)

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