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Preserving fertility: Now it’s for girls too
Ovarian tissue transplants allow them hope of having children someday
  New ways of preserving fertility
Sept. 18: Annie Dauer was only the second woman to have a baby following an ovarian transplant. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Annie and her husband Greg about the process.
Q&A: Male infertility expert answers your questions
When couples struggle to conceive, half the time the man has a problem


The following non-profit organizations contributrited information to TODAY's Rethinking Infertility series:


Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of trying to get pregnant. But the definition doesn't tell you much about who is facing infertility, what Western and Eastern medicine have to offer and what can be done today to preserve fertility in adults and children facing cancer. In a special series, TODAY explores new frontiers in the world of infertility and infertility treatments.

  The story of our family
  'He is a true miracle'
Sept. 12: Liz Karras conceived her son Nikko with the help of IVF.
  'We just wanted to be parents'
Sept. 12: Adopting Grant brought Kelley and John Hodge the joy that were hoping for.
  The love for two sons
Sept. 12: Carolyn Berger is fortunate enough to have one son through birth and another through adoption.
  Egg donor helped grow their family
Sept. 12: Nicole Witt shares her hopeful story about an egg donor.
Images: Your miracle babies
Parents who have struggled with fertility issues share stories of their children
Learn more about the techniques used to help infertile couples conceive a child.

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