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Image: Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson wanted to go after Pam Anderson for calling her a “bitch and a whore,” but her family convinced her that would be a bad idea.
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updated 7/8/2008 9:17:47 PM ET 2008-07-09T01:17:47

Her sassy message tee (“Real Girls Eat Meat”) may have sparked tensions with her would-be adversary, but Jessica Simpson never expected to be branded a “bitch and a whore” by Pamela Anderson.

According to The Sun, Jessica was ready to “go after” the former “Baywatch” babe when she learned of the low-blow comments Pam delivered to an Australian radio station.

“She was deeply hurt and upset at the comments,” an insider told the paper. “To say Jessica is mad about it is an understatement.”

Allegedly, Jessica was ready to jump headfirst into a full-fledged Hollywood feud, until her loved ones explained who the real winner would be.

“She is disgusted at Pamela’s remarks and fully intended to go after her, until her family made her see sense,” the source explained. “Her folks told her not to make a big deal of it — as that would only get Pamela the press she’s so desperate for.”

Kanye needs ‘anger enhancement’
Watch out! Suggesting Kanye West needs anger management classes might just make the rapper angry. That’s the lesson for RollingStone.com, which erroneously reported that Kayne’s reps planned to enroll him in a program that could put an end to his irate blog posts.

Appropriately, Kayne took to his blog to set the record straight.

“The media is saying I’m going to anger management something or ‘nother,” the 10-time Grammy winner wrote. “I have never had any conversations about anger management. If anything, I need anger enhancement!!”

After a “LOL” and a big “SIIIIIIGGGHHHH!,” he informed readers that his blog was the only “media outlet” to trust when it comes to the relevant Kanye-facts.

“I told the media you can’t make up lies about me because I have a media outlet myself,” Kanye offered. “Oh and sidebar I don’t know if everyone has realized this yet but I don’t do interviews if there’s anything I wanna say I’ll say right here on my own blog.”

Canadian cops save David Lee Roth’s life
Van Halen singer David Lee Roth almost lost his shot at playing any more reunion gigs — or doing anything else, for that matter. Canadian police officers are credited with saving the rocker’s life last month after they pulled him over and discovered he was in anaphylactic shock due to a nut allergy, reports CTV.

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Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings The cops did all they could to keep Diamond Dave calm while waiting for paramedics to arrive, but insist there was no star treatment. It was all part of the job.

“At the time I wasn’t star struck or anything,” said Ontario constable Steven Haist. “I was just trying to help him.” Haist’s partner, Chris Thompson assured CTV he didn’t even know who it was they were helping, though he wasn’t surprised to find out the troubled guy was a rock star.

“(He) kind of stuck out like a sore thumb,” the officer said. “He was wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing — it’s not something you see in Oakland too often.”

Dish on the fly
Even with two kids, dirty diapers were never much of a chore for Gwyneth Paltrow. Seems the actress got a break thanks to hubby Chris Martin’s meditative take on the mess. “Men should always change diapers,” the Coldplay frontman insists in the new issue of Blender. “It’s a very rewarding experience. It’s mentally cleansing. It’s like washing dishes, but imagine if the dishes were your kids, so you really love the dishes.” On the flipside, imagining the dishes covered in poop makes it suddenly less appealing. … While surrounded by actors wearing loads of makeup and latex prosthetics, Selma Blair enjoyed her barely there cosmetics and costumes on the set of “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” But rather than simply counting herself lucky for the light load, the actress rubbed it in. “I (was) very naughty in that department,” Selma told Fangoria. “On the hottest days, when the other actors (couldn’t) breathe in their makeup, I breeze in and say how sweaty I feel in my cotton tank top. It’s just as well (‘Hellboy’ actor) Ron Perlman is my next-door neighbor in real life and knows my sense of humor.”

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