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Image: Nicole Richie
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Even though she recently gave birth to daughter Harlow, Nicole Richie can't seem to say goodbye to her party-girl days.
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updated 5/4/2008 10:56:19 PM ET 2008-05-05T02:56:19

Though she says life’s been “beyond amazing” since giving birth to her daughter in January, the diaper-duty demands of motherhood leave Nicole Richie pining for her old party days, according to Star magazine.

“Nicole is torn between being a mommy and being a party girl,” an insider told the publication. “She wants to go out and have fun, but when she does, she’s like, ‘Uh-oh, Harlow needs me.’”

The dramatic lifestyle change is catching to the new mom, said another source. “Nicole really misses her carefree life. Before Harlow came along, Nicole never had to worry about anything. All she did was party with her friends and go shopping. Now she’s totally overwhelmed by her new responsibility, even though she adores her daughter. Nicole still can’t figure out if she’s happier when she’s home with the baby or hitting the town with her friends!”

Star Jones’ mother-in-law dishes divorce
Despite reports that he engaged in a post-split champagne party with an entourage of sexy singles, Al Reynolds’ mother claims her son was crushed after his marriage to Star Jones fell apart. In an interview with In Touch magazine, Ada tried to set the record straight.

“(Al) is so hurt and so sad,” his mother insisted. “He did not want this divorce at all. He wanted to stay married. I think Star wanted the divorce, not Al.”

Ada admitted the relationship between Al and Star initially came as a surprise to her. “I truly believed that he would never get married. He never seemed interested.”

Now she fears how he’ll make it as a single man. “Honestly, I don’t think that Al will move on from this. I am very concerned for him.”

Wahlberg sibling lashes out at famous brothers
Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings While waiting for her day in court later this month, Michealle Wahlberg, sister of actors Mark and Donnie, remains in a Florida jail. The not-so-well-known sibling stands accused of firing a gun in the direction her boyfriend, but, according to an interview she gave the National Enquirer, it’s her brothers she blames for her continued incarceration.

“I cry myself to sleep every night thinking, ‘How can my brothers let me rot here in jail?’” Michealle told the magazine. “They’re millionaires who could free me in an instant, but all I’ve heard is silence.”

Lonnie Johnson, the man whom police say Michealle shot at four times, reached out to his girlfriend’s celebrity siblings on her behalf. “Mark told Lonnie that he’d handle it,” an NE insider revealed. “Later, another brother Jimbo, who works for Mark, called Lonnie and said, ‘We’re on top of it.’ But since then — nothing.”

It’s all simple case of family abandonment, as far as Michealle’s concerned. “I was always there for Mark and Donnie when they were growing up. I’m a good person. I don’t deserve to be behind bars.”

Dish on the fly
Tabloid rumors are “eating away” at Katie Holmes. The actress told Vanity Fair, “Some of the crap that's out there — it's really frustrating the amount of s--t that's out there.” As for the various reports concerning her marriage to Tom Cruise or their daughter, Suri, Katie wouldn’t address all the particulars. “I do know what is being said in the press. This is my family, and I do care about them. The stories are not OK.” … When Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have their first dance as husband and wife, it won’t be to “I Wanna Love You Forever” by older sis Jessica. When Heat Radio asked Ashlee if she’d select any of Jessica’s tunes for her wedding, the younger sister replied, “No, that would be really nerdy.”

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