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Image: Matt Lauer
Matt's favorite places around the world
Our jet-setting host shares his top adventures from the Where in the World series
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  Where in the World: 2008
Day 1: Buenos Aires
On the first leg of his global adventure, Matt visits a city known for steaks, wine, the tango and more ...
Day 2: Amsterdam
Matt jumps the pond to the city of bikes, red lights ... and tulips.
Image: Matt Lauer in Laos
Day 3: Laos
Matt's third stop on his adventure takes him to Southeast Asia, to the the landlocked Communist country of Laos.
Day 4: Istanbul
For the best of both the East and West, Matt heads to Istanbul on the fourth leg of his journey.
Day 5: Seychelles
Matt finishes his adventure in an island paradise known for eco-tourism
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Image: Seychelles
  Where in the World is Matt Lauer?
Explore the countries Matt Lauer visited on his annual trek around the globe.

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  Where in the World has Matt been?

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