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Image: Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton claimed there were “NO open calls for the show” and that “every event is exclusive and hand-picked by invitation only ... I didn't want my potential BFFs to have to wait in a long open call lines.”
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updated 4/16/2008 10:43:55 PM ET 2008-04-17T02:43:55

The search for Paris Hilton’s new best friend is not going as well as the heiress would have hoped. The first kink in the plan? The turnout at the New York City casting call for “hot bitches and fierce guys” turned out a paltry 40 to 50 people, according to most reports from insiders. In fact, at least one media outlet that was genuinely interested in doing a story on the process of casting the newest Hilton hanger-on was told at the last minute that no press would be better than any press.

Hilton reacted as any young person in her position would — by posting to MySpace for damage control. Hilton claimed there were “NO open calls for the show” and that “every event is exclusive and hand-picked by invitation only ... I didn't want my potential BFFs to have to wait in a long open-call lines.”

Not only were casting calls listed on Web sites such as Realitywanted.com, but the group of wannabe Hiltons had to wait through one call at Nikki Beach, then those who made the cut were directed to a second round at the Shoreham Hotel. OK! magazine reports that the scene there was “pure chaos,” and that some folks brought their own real-life BFFs, and they got to audition, too.

Finally, there was a waiver to sign and complete, but not your typical one. This form required hard-hitting questions such as, “If Paris was getting all the spotlight and paparazzi were only taking pics of her and not you, what would you do?”

Production on the 10-episode series is set to begin in late May.

Kate and Owen still making it work
Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings America’s blondest couple, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson, are still seeing each other on the sly. Just weeks after Hudson visited Wilson in Miami while he filmed “Marley & Me,” Us Weekly reports that Wilson recently flew to Boston where she is shooting “Bride Wars.”

“They love being with each other” a source close to the couple (who broke up after nearly a year of dating last June, then reconciled in February) told the magazine. On April 12, the pair headed to Boston's Upper Crust Pizzeria, where “Kate and Owen chatted with each other while they waited,” a witness told Us, noting that the stars “weren't overly affectionate.”

Wilson then spent the weekend at the same Ritz-Carlton that Hudson is staying in. The insider told the mag that their relationship “is open,” but Hudson is keeping him “straight and happy … she is so supportive.”

Youngest Lohan hits Vegas with mom
Video: Scoop on Correspondents' dinner We have to admit, the more we hear about the new reality show “Living Lohan,” starring Dina Lohan and youngest daughter Ali, the more interesting it becomes. Early buzz had the show being filmed in and around Long Island, but a large part of it will also be filmed in Las Vegas, it turns out.

Dina and 14-year-old Ali started getting the lay of the land by hitting N9NE steakhouse April 15. Along for the ride were Dina’s friends and her assistant. Don’t worry, the night ended early for Ali — she went back to her room after the steak dinner while mom headed to the Playboy Club with friends, and then on to Moon nightclub to share a round of Sex on the Beach shots with her friends.

Ali won’t be stuck following her mom to dinners then heading back to her room early for the entire series, though — she’ll be recording an album at the Palms recording studio, too.

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