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  2001: Machu Picchu, Bangkok, Mykonos ...
Memorable moments of Machu Picchu
Matt Lauer describes this destination as 'nothing less than breathtaking'
Peru’s Nazca Lines
Ancient desert etchings remain a mystery
Life on a gas and oil platform
On the second day of his journey, Matt takes us to the middle of the North Sea
Paris: Matt's visit to the ‘City of Light’
Matt chronicles his brief, but beautiful day in Paris
Bangkok: ‘The land of the smile’
Matt Lauer shares his thoughts from Bangkok, Thailand, day four of his worldwide tour
Image: Matt Lauer in Greece
Tips for taking a worldwide tour
Learn how you can take your own trip around the globe
  Live Search Maps: Where has Matt been?

Go globe hopping! Explore Matt's past adventures:

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  Where in the World has Matt been?
  Where in the World Am I?
Image: Giraffes in Kenya

Matt Lauer isn't the only one traveling the world! We updated our photo gallery of readers' exciting vacation photos.

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