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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are reportedly feuding over their riches. “(Mary-Kate and Ashley) wrestle for control, and even though they love each other, money causes them to argue,” a family insider revealed.
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Rumors of twin trouble continue to circulate around Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The most recent round of sibling strife relates to their riches and, according to a report in the National Enquirer, the sisters can’t agree about anything

“(Mary-Kate and Ashley) wrestle for control, and even though they love each other, money causes them to argue,” a family insider revealed. The source states the control issues allegedly stem from Mary-Kate feeling as though Ashley manipulated her into bad business decisions.

For instance, there was the decision to cut their parents out of their big-budget business, Dualstar Entertainment, shortly after MK’s 2004 stint in Utah’s Cirque Lodge. “Mary-Kate had some real issues with the family after they put her in rehab. But now she feels like that may have colored her decision to cut them out of Dualstar. Mary-Kate now regrets her decision — on the other hand, Ashley thinks it was the right move. That’s what Mary-Kate and Ashley mainly fight about.”

Another sticking point is the sale of their New York City condo, which was all Ashley idea, according to the Enquirer’s source. “They argued over it extensively. … And then when Mary-Kate finally gave in and agreed to put it up for sale, they argued over the price!”

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings A rep for the Olsen twins spoke to the Enquirer and denied any troubles between the siblings, adding, “They do have different ideas, but work things out as business partners and sisters.”

Joel leaves Nicole behind
New mom Nicole Richie has her hands full now that her partner and baby’s pop, Joel Madden, is off globe-trotting with his band, Good Charlotte, and she’s not happy about it, reports Star magazine.

“Nicole begged Joel to let her tag along, but he refused to put the baby through that much traveling,” a friend shared. “He thinks a rock tour is no place for a newborn and has put his foot down.”

But it’s not that sound reason that has Nicole in a tizzy. Instead it’s the fact that her frenemy Paris Hilton, who’s dating Joel’s brother and bandmate Benji, is hanging out with the guys on tour. “Nicole is livid!” another insider revealed to Star. “The thought of Paris on the road influencing Joel makes her skin crawl. Nicole doesn’t trust Paris as far as she can throw her.”

Slideshow: First comes baby At least one source believes Joel should expect Nicole to show up for a surprise visit. “Nicole says if Paris can go, she can go. If anyone, including Joel and Paris, thinks Nicole will just sit back in L.A. alone for a month and accept this situation, they’ve got another thing coming.”

Dish on the fly
While Lindsay Lohan’s happy to have the work, her father, Michael, was less than pleased to hear she’s set to portray one of Charles Manson’s followers in the upcoming movie, “Manson Girls.” “I really hope that Lindsay gets back to the kinds of films that led to her success,” the always outspoken pop confessed to Usmagazine.com. “I'd like to see her do more mainstream films.” … Despite her massive fame and riches, it’s still the basics that Madonna credits to her happiness. “I think 30 years ago happiness meant to me that I could feed myself and put a roof over my head, I could survive in New York, find a place in the world and have my voice be heard,” the Queen of Pop said in a quote on Female First. “Now happiness is being grateful that all those things continue to happen to me.” … What lies beneath Bret Michaels’ bandanna? It’s a question “Rock of Love” fans keep asking . There may finally be an answer now that a former contestant of the VH1 “reality” hook-up show, Kristy Joe Muller, admits to some up close and personal knowledge on the subject. “I’ve pulled on Bret’s hair and it didn’t move,” she told In Touch. “I know it’s not a wig, but he does wear extensions.”

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