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Katie Holmes
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Katie Holmes may appear sweet, but she's as fierce as her Anna Wintour haircut, warns buddy Jada Pinkett-Smith. “Behind all that grace is a tiger,” Mrs. Will Smith told People magazine last year.
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The actress formerly known as Katie Holmes, now simply “Kate,” thanks to her hubby, took time out from promoting her new movie, “Mad Money,” to once again wax ecstatic about Tom Cruise and their “magical” baby Suri … and to warn the world, “I will stand up for my family.”

“There was stuff in the news about our daughter,” Kate said in an interview with People magazine. The actress didn’t specify what she was referring to, but it’s likely the speculation about Suri’s paternity found in Andrew Morton’s “explosive” new book, “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.” The one-time “Dawson’s Creek” sweetheart did, however, assert that whatever that “stuff” is, “That’s just not OK. It’s something that I don’t stand for. I am a mother.”

And it’s not a warning to be taken lightly, according the wife of Tom’s new BFF, Will Smith. “Behind all that grace is a tiger,” Jada Pinkett-Smith told People last year. “[Kate] is extremely protective.”

Again failing to address any particulars, like Tom’s recently surfaced Scientology videos or Morton’s remarks about their union, Kate only hinted at recent gossip. “There’s obviously been a lot that’s been said about our relationship,” she mentioned to the magazine, with “a steely look in her eyes.” While the reporter described an expression often worn by Tom, her close personal friend Jada assured that the young mother is under no one’s control.

“Don’t be fooled,” Jada said. “Kate is running her own show. Tom don’t run nuthin’ in that house. It is Katie’s house. It’s her world.”

Kirstie Alley’s battle of the bulge
Longtime Jenny Craig shill Kirstie Alley has “become a control freak and insecure about everything,” an insider revealed in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings Apparently Kirstie’s attitude soured when the inclusion of Valerie Bertinelli meant her big-bucks diet deal stopped being a solo act. “That’s when things got ugly,” a friend told NE. “Kirstie thought she was being edged out by Valerie, and she took out her frustrations on everyone around her.

“She accused cameramen of shooting her from unflattering angles and purposefully making her look heavier. One time Kirstie screeched: ‘What are you trying to do – make me look even bigger?’”

The actress got so worked up about sharing the spotlight with Val she feared that the cameramen weren’t the only ones trying to sabotage her fit figure. The friend explained, “One day there were doughnuts out for crew and Kirstie went crazy, shouting: ‘Are you people stupid? I’m on a diet shooting a diet commercial, and you bring doughnuts on the set? Why don’t you just put lard on my thighs!?”

Dish on the fly
Is George Clooney taking Fabio’s post-unpleasantry threats to heart? The two had their hunky fallout backing November at West Hollywood’s Madeo restaurant, but In Touch reports George canceled a reservation to the Italian eatery earlier this month when he learned Fabio would dine there the same night. … Pity Eva Longoria. The “Desperate Housewives” star can’t enjoy a meal without the media speculating on her belly bloat. “I just ate pasta and Italian, and my pants were too tight,” Eva told E! News regarding a photograph some claimed provided proof of her pregnancy. “I really just had a fat day.” But the rumor resurfaced a week later when Eva exited a hotel while holding a pillow over her midsection, an early pregnancy pose made popular by Nicole Richie. According to Eva’s rep, the cuddly camouflage hid yet another food binge not a baby bump. “She’s absolutely not pregnant,” her rep told People. “She ate tamales over the holidays.” … Protective papa Denzel Washington doesn’t approve of his 20-year-old daughter’s new beau. Seems Katia’s guy sports more flash than the Oscar winner can handle, according to the Daily Mirror. “He has too many earrings for my liking,” the mad dad confessed. “I told him, ‘I’m not gonna be that friendly.’... I put my oldest boy on him. I said: ‘Kick him around a bit.’ I’ll finish him.”

Tabloid Tidbits is compiled by Ree Hines and Helen A.S. Popkin.

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