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Image: Lindsay Lohan
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Oh, Lindsay. When will you learn? Ex-boyfriend Riley Giles is no longer the only guy to kiss and tell on Lohan. One of the actress’s three hookups in Italy is now selling his sexy tale of Lindsay’s bedroom habits.
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updated 1/6/2008 11:33:03 PM ET 2008-01-07T04:33:03

You know how everybody has a “type”? Turns out Lindsay Lohan likes ’em chatty. Following in the footsteps of Lindsay’s blabby rehab ex Riley Giles, Italian waiter Alessandro di Nunzio told News of the World all about his Capri encounter with the libidinous Lohan.

Alessandro claims he’s pained to be only the first of Lindsay’s three close encounters on Capri , where the actress attended a film festival. “I was hurt and sad when I found out about the other guys,” the self-described former model claimed. More likely, it’s money that inspired Alessandro’s loose lips.

From describing Lindsay’s mismatched bra and panties and her bedroom moves as “extremely flexible and adventurous," Alessandro found no alleged detail of his Lindsay encounter too personal to keep confidential.

After spending an evening together, Alessandro claims the two ended up in Lindsay’s hotel room. After several hours talking and cuddling, the actress dropped her drawers. "I was shocked she had made the first move — it took a while for me to realize I was supposed to take my clothes too,” Alessandro said.

Slideshow: Lindsay Lohan "To be honest I felt a bit intimidated,” the waiter confessed. “I was with Lindsay Lohan. But I took off my clothes and we started to make love,” Alessandro yammered on. Little did he know, his Hollywood intimacy would lead to a broken heart.

"I don't think I will see her again now that I have learned that she was seeing other guys at the same time as she was seeing me,” he said.

Who’s her daddy?
Former tabloid journalist Andrew Morton, best known for his 1992 bestseller “Diana: Her Story,” takes on a Hollywood heavyweight in his next tome, “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.” Though the book won’t hit stands until Jan. 15, the Daily Mail leaked some of the author’s shocking claims, including the revelation that some think Tom isn’t the biological father of little Suri.

The allegation is that Katie Holmes was impregnated with the preserved sperm of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. It’s a belief Morton says is held by some “fanatics” within the Church of Scientology.

"It's a boring, poorly researched book by a man who never talked to anyone involved in Tom Cruise’s life or anyone close to him,” the actor’s lawyer said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Dish on the fly
A recent remodeling job at Leonardo DiCaprio’s home included a throne fit for a king, a $3,200 Toto toilet. The Cadillac of commodes features an air purifying system, multi-directional bidet, automatic flusher and a chilly morning must-have — the built-in bun warmer. “Leo loves his new toilet,” a pal revealed to In Touch. “It’s more like a toy since it has a remote control.” … Dr. McSteamy’s getting a little cosmetic tweaking of his own. Eric Dane, who stars as “Grey’s Anatomy’s” favorite fixer-upper, is in the midst of laser treatments to remove a tattoo, Star reports. Apparently his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, wasn’t fond of the nude beauty residing on hubby’s bicep. While the procedure is painful, “Eric thinks it’s worth it to keep Rebecca happy,” a friend told the magazine.

Tabloid Tidbits is compiled by Ree Hines and Helen A.S. Popkin.

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