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Image: Ashley Olsen
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Despite the rumors, actress Ashley Olsen did not serve as a school show-and-tell exhibit for one of Lance Armstrong’s daughters.
By The Scoop
updated 11/14/2007 2:22:33 PM ET 2007-11-14T19:22:33

Pint-sized mogul and actress Ashley Olsen is many things, but there’s one thing she’s not: Lance Armstrong’s daughter’s latest show-and-tell exhibit.

Armstrong has 6-year-old twin daughters, and recent rumors have Olsen travelling to Texas to fill the role of show-and-tell exhibit A (for which daughter, it’s not clear).

“Ashley was travelling for a wedding over the weekend and is back in New York now,” says a friend close to Olsen. And her rep confirms, “it’s not true.”

Although neither Olsen nor Armstrong have openly discussed the substance of their “friendship,” as they say, the odd couple has recently been spotted in various states of canoodle in New York City.

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Angelina Jolie writes for The Economist, passes on that new island
Add one more title to Angelina Jolie’s resume: As of Nov. 14, she’s also a columnist, in this case for The Economist.  Jolie penned a piece about accountability for the genocide in Darfur for the high-minded magazine. Although Jolie is no stranger to philanthropy, she doesn’t often square off so publicly against the issue of genocide. According to Trevor Neilson, her advisor on political and philanthropic issues, Jolie raises the question: “If the world can’t hold people accountable for planning and implementing a genocide, what can we hold people accountable for?”

Video: Scoop on Regan's lawsuit Jolie isn’t the first celebrity as of late to speak out against genocide in Darfur. George Clooney and Don Cheadle both have prominent roles in the new documentary film “Darfur Now,” which is out now.

In slightly (very slightly) related news, while their brood might grow large enough to fill an entire island, Brad Pitt’s rep shoots down reports that he and Angelina recently purchased an island off Dubai, one that happens to be the shape of Ethiopia, where their daughter Zahara was born. That’s one denial I am more than happy to believe.

Anne Hathaway: And bodyguard makes three?
It was an exercise of “which of these things is not like the other” at the Nov. 12 gala to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in New York City. Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend, Rafaello Follieri, attended the festivities, along with honoree Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, but Hathaway was the only guest who showed up with a hulking bodyguard.

“He was huge,” says a guest who was near Hathaway. The bodyguard lurked near Hathaway’s table for the duration of the evening, according to onlookers. Although her rep says, “We are not aware of any bodyguard with Anne,” many speculate the extra protection might have to do with her boyfriend’s financial scandal that involves the Catholic Church and several wealthy investors that include former President Bill Clinton.

Sarah Michelle Gellar moves on from “Buffy”
In the new issue of Maxim, Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about, among other things, playing a porn star in her new film, “Southland Tales.”  Gellar asked the mag, “When you think about who should play a porn star, don’t I just pop into your mind? The character I play is sort of Arianna Huffington meets Jenna Jameson.” Wonder what Arianna thinks about that? Check out the rest of the interview in the December issue of Maxim.

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