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Fans of “CSI” worry that with the departure of Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, the show will suffer and TV will lose a realistic woman.
updated 11/14/2007 1:37:19 PM ET 2007-11-14T18:37:19

It’s not unusual for actors to leave a successful show after a long run to pursue other opportunities. George Clooney did so successfully. But whether or not Jorja Fox can pull off the same feat when she leaves ‘CSI’s’ Sara Sidle behind is of little worry for fans of the hit crime drama — they’re more concerned that the show will suffer without her.

“The reason ‘CSI’ is great is because of the cast. Any one of their departure would affect the strength of the show,” explained Matt from Alameda, Calif. “Sara Sidle is vital to ‘CSI.’ She brings humanity to the show, she always has. The cases in ‘CSI: Vegas,’ ‘Miami,’ ‘New York’ ... and oh so many crime shows are very similar, but ‘CSI: Vegas’ as a show is different because they have a great chemistry among characters. A big chuck of it will be gone with Sara's loss.”

“(The show) will be worse. She's the only one that seems like a genuine investigator or criminalist, apparently the romance between her and Grissom became their biggest ratings grabber (they're kinda cute anyway, so whatever, and we all know that when an important member of the cast leaves a show, the show is doomed, especially now that they've started lacking in the "case" department). And she's nice to look at, too,” said Angel from Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Read on for more reader responses.

I think it will be worse off. The character, besides being a good, if troubled role model was often the voice of humanity on the show. Grissom is portrayed as rather lacking in feeling and Willows is often shown as an oversexed woman who at times lacks discretion and good judgment. I wish Jorja Fox the best in what ever she goes on to do, but I hope that the writers at “CSI” don't think that the fans will be placated by the doe-y eyed Ronnie who seems as bright as a burnt-out bulb. It was nice to see a woman in science who didn't wear all white to a crime scene or heels to check out blood spatter. I hope they find a like-minded person to replace her or somehow entice her back to the show.S.H., Wash.

The show will not be the same without Jorja Fox and her character of Sara Sidle. Sara Sidle is probably the most complex and emotive character on the show. Jorja's immense talent makes it so easy for the viewers to sympathize with the character, and I fear that without her the show will lose its heart and become a cold rock of boredom and mediocrity.—Joe, Irvine, Calif.

I am very saddened by Ms. Fox's decision to leave “CSI.” She brings a humanity and grace to Sara that will be definitely lacking when she's gone. The heart of the show will be gone. Ms. Fox is an incredible actress. She and William Petersen share a chemistry that is not seen anywhere on television and they can say more with just a look than pages of dialogue ever could. If ever there were two characters that were destined to be together forever, it is Grissom and Sara. I wish Ms. Fox all the best in life and look forward to her return to “CSI,” as Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar have told us WILL happen.—Marti

Sara gave the show a realness. She is not as important as Grissom but she gave the team a good attitude. If Ronnie is suppose to be the new Sara, that sucks. Ronnie can't compare. I think it will change the show, I don't think better or worse just different. She had an attitude that added to the team. Each character added something and when you take away a part of the team it takes away from the strong feel of the show.—MF, Penn.

I believe that the show will deplete without Sara Sidle. She adds realism, human compassion and laughter with her character. She will be totally missed and I hope she returns. Without Sara there is no Grissom. She makes Grissom human.—Maria, Mississauga, Ontario

I have no intention to continue watching after Sara leaves. Actually I could accept that Sara was leaving to find a new job in Vegas, but the emotional breakdown that we are likely to see as her finale irritates me. I don't want to see a "Dear Grissom" letter or Sara fall to pieces. Sara deserves a happy ending, not a depressing, open-ended farewell. GSR is what has kept me watching this show, and now that one half is gone, it won't be the same for me. Everyone that wants to keep watching the procedural aspects of this show, good luck and enjoy. Farewell, “CSI.”—AK Wagner

No! Sara Sidle is a brilliant and important female figure on TV. Unlike so many other females on screen she doesn't show of her 'assets' to gain attention nor is she like the plethora of vapid girls who have no identifable talent. Sara Sidle is an smart woman, graduating high school at 16 and financing her own way through Havard. She, like many, is socially akward and this means that thousands (even millions) of bright and shy girls (and boys) have a figure on TV with whom they can identify. Jorja Fox herself is an excellent role model who holds strong beliefs about animal cruelty, politics and prejudice. Why so many people seem to hate her is beyond me. It is a pity we are losing her from our screens especially as this nation becomes more obsessed with the fame and drug-crazed antics of people with significantly less talent.—Amy, Orlando, Fla.

Sara is the best female character on TV today. She's an intelligent, real woman with issues that define how she reacts to situations but not who she is. Sara's departure will leave a hole that is impossible to fill. I doubt “CSI” will continue to be as popular as it is. —Anonymous

The entire cast of CSI is important to the success of the show. Sara will definitely be missed as she adds so much that none of the other characters can offer. For those of us who like strong female role models that want to be taken seriously, she is the only person to relate to on the show. Catherine's sexuality and cleavage may have their place and I like her as well, but Sara adds balance. She's outspoken, strong, intelligent, relentless, and kind. She's a real woman (so to speak, I know she's a character) who actually succeeds in being taken seriously in a man's world. As a woman who couldn't find her feminine wiles if they slapped me in the face, I appreciate a woman who can be one of the boys. While I respect Jorja's decision to leave, she will certainly be missed.—Chelsea, Champaign, Ill.

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