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Angelina Jolie
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Star magazine reports that Angelina Jolie isn't getting along with Brad Pitt's mother, who reportedly wasn't happy when Angelina spoke out about her past drug use.
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updated 11/8/2007 12:01:20 AM ET 2007-11-08T05:01:20

Looks like Brad Pitt is stuck in the middle of a messy brouhaha between the most important women in his life. Star reports the actor’s mother doesn’t see eye-to-eye with his sexy soul mate, Angelina Jolie.

It all started after Angelina spoke candidly to a U.K. publication about her past use of “ every drug possible .” Apparently that confession didn’t earn Angie any in-law points with Jane Pitt.

“Jane was livid after she saw Angelina’s drug quotes — and she really let Angie have it when they were on the phone together shortly after,” a source told Star. “Jane told Angie there was nothing to gain from rehashing her drug use, and that she has a lot more to think about than herself — she should have considered her children and family first!”

The insider claims Angelina apologized to the Pitt matriarch, but then dumped the phone on Brad. “He agreed that Angie’s latest admission was uncalled for — but he also told his mom that maybe she was being a little too hard on her. Brad reminded his mother how far Angie has come from her wild days, and that this blowup was only going to set their relationship back again.”

Slideshow: Angelina Jolie The tensions between Angie and Brad’s family aren’t limited to his mom, according to Star. “There’s always drama when Angie is around the Pitt clan.” The insider added, “She doesn’t feel obligated to discuss certain subjects, like moving the children from school to school, so there’s often little to talk about. She’s even complained to Brad that she has nothing in common with the rest of his family.”

Paris pleads for elephant intervention
Sharing compassion she keeps from frienemies Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, Paris Hilton is on a mission to save drunken elephants from themselves, reports ContactMusic.

Slideshow: Paris Hilton The hotel heiress became an animal activist upon learning that a herd of alcohol-sodden pachyderms met their shocking end in India after drinking one village’s rice wine supply and stampeding into a high-tension wire. “There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn’t chased them away,” Paris pleaded. “It is just so sad.”

According to the bipedal party girl, this is a growing problem in India. “It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them.”

Dish on the fly:
“Hills” hottie Spencer Pratt is positively oozing self-esteem. Or is that self-delusion? “I would do reality TV forever,” Spence said in the latest issue of Life & Style. “It’s so much cooler to have people come up to me and be like ‘Spencer Pratt’ than to be Orlando Bloom, who’s famous for being some pirate.” If Orlando bothered to bicker back, his reply would probably sound like, “Spencer who?” … Did Chris Rock take a dig at Diddy? “Music kind of sucks,” the comedian told Rolling Stone magazine. “Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. “You know how sh---y Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a f---in’ clothing company and a cologne line?” Mmm, smells like Sean John!

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