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I’m not waiting till age 50 for my mammogram
Dr. Susan Love is her idol, but this ‘worrier’ isn’t following new guidelines
Curry compound kills cancer cells, study shows
Chemical found in the spice tumeric might be used as future treatment
  Busting breast myths
Nov. 3: Thanks to early detection and preventive measures, deaths from breast cancer have decreased in recent years. Dr. Roshini Raj has a daily guide to breast health for all women.
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Standing up to cancer
TODAY viewers who have battled breast cancer share their stories of survival and lessons learned.
What do you know about breast cancer?
How old was Betty Ford when she had a mastectomy? How many women are affected by the disease each year? Take our iCue video quiz and find out.


Image: Maura Tierney
  Famous breast cancer survivors
Actresses, singers and a politician’s wife who’ve all been diagnosed with the disease reveal their strength to keep fighting.

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Slide show
Breast cancer, what happens next
Breast cancer survivor Debbie Horwitz and photographer Missy McLamb documented Debbie's recovery and breast reconstruction in the book, "Myself: Together Again." Click "Launch" to see the images and hear Debbie's story.

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Video diary
  Battling cancer
When mom and triathlete Karen Newman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started a video diary.  Share her journey.
  Special series: Women and Cancer
Hope for cancer survivors who want kids
Woman who wanted to not only live, but give life, shares her inspiring story
Protect yourself from ovarian cancer
Sept. 5: There's no great screening test for this silent killer. Dr. Nancy Snyderman shares different preventative options.
Women and the risk of breast cancer
Sept. 6: Dr. Nancy Snyderman on a new test that examines your genes and the likelihood of being diagnosed with this disease.
Talking to your kids about cancer
Sept. 7: In a special series three women share how they told their children about getting diagnosed to Dr. Nancy Snyderman.
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