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TODAY in Iran -- Images: A country where conservatives rule, but Western culture still seeps in
  Beyond the veil
The lives of women in Iran

Iranian law still favors men, but women in that country are more educated and have a more visible role in life than in many other Islamic countries.  Read more.

  A peak behind the 'Green Curtain'

Just like the infamous 'iron curtain' of the Cold War, political scientists today are talking about an equally divisive "Green Curtain," green being the color of Islam, that has fallen over the Middle East. NBC News' Richard Engel analyzes the Sunni-Shiite divide from Tehran.  Read more.

  Video: Reports from Tehran
Matt visits the U.S. Embassy
Sept. 13: TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports from the place that was a dark moment for America 28 years ago, and on its impact today. 
A glimpse of Iran you don't see
Sept. 13: NBC’s Richard Engel reveals various layers of this country that are not always seen by America.
Matt answers e-mails about Iran
Sept. 13: The TODAY anchor responds to viewers' questions about this country, its culture and more.
Iranian professor discusses politics
Sept. 13: Iranian professor Dr. Seyed Mohammad Marandi talks with TODAY's Matt Lauer about the political situation in that country.
How do Iranians view America?
Sept. 13: TODAY’s Matt Lauer finds out, and Iranian-American businessman Sorab Ghoodosi tells how the countries are similar.
Iran's controversial president profiled
Sept. 12: Just who is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran? NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.