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updated 8/1/2007 5:26:51 PM ET 2007-08-01T21:26:51

A day after two paparazzi photographers publicly claimed Britney Spears threatened them during an altercation last week in Las Vegas, new allegations have emerged against the pop singer over her parenting, including a report that she tried to get her oldest son's teeth whitened.

Both US Weekly and Life & Style have just printed cover stories, highlighting disturbing reports from inside sources who say Spears’ two children — 22-month-old Sean Preston and 11-month-old Jayden James — are at the center of what the first magazine calls “Hurricane Britney.”

Years ago, Spears told an interviewer she wanted to be a young mom and she got her wish at the age of 24, giving birth to her first child — son Sean Preston. Not long after, Spears’ parenting was called into question.

Last year, Child Protection Services were called to Spears' home with then-husband Kevin Federline because Sean Preston fell out of a high chair. She later was caught by paparazzi with the baby on her lap, not in a car seat, as she drove around in Los Angeles.

Another incident chronicled the singer driving Sean Preston around Malibu in the back seat of her Mini Cooper convertible, exposed to the elements.

In New York City, Spears’ bodyguard, now confirmed as Damian Shippen, saved the singer from dropping Sean Preston after Spears tripped in her high heels. She was holding a drink in her other hand.

Slideshow: Celebrity parents and their kids The new allegations suggest Spears’ parenting has not improved.

“It’s tragic what these boys are exposed to on a daily basis,” an insider told Life & Style. “Kids thrive on routine and the feeling of safety, and Sean and Jayden have neither. Their lives are subject to Brit’s whims.”

A source close to Spears told US magazine, one of the problems for the kids, is in what they are being fed.

“She is just so used to being the kid herself that it’s babies having babies,” the source, who the magazine said spent a great deal of time with the singer and her boys, told US. “(Britney) feeds them total crap like Doritos and soda.”

Spears reportedly also gives Sean Preston ice cream before bed to help make him sleepy. The source also told US Weekly that Spears gives her son chewing gum, which is dangerous for toddlers.

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“Believe me, I’m no Kevin fan, but thank God those kids have him. He is the only normal thing in their lives,” the source said.

More shockingly, US Weekly claims that Spears has asked a Los Angeles dentist to whiten Sean Preston's teeth. The dentist reportedly refused.

Meanwhile, Federline is appearing more and more like a doting dad. Sources told US, he is a major constant in the boys’ lives.

“When the kids are with Britney, she calls Kevin every night because he has to talk to them or they won’t go to sleep,” a source close to K-Fed said. "They are just much closer to him.”

In an interview this week, Federline’s lawyer, Mark Kaplan told the Associated Press the back up dancer-turned rapper-turned actor tries to keep the time he spends with his boys quiet.

"When they are with him, he is going to shield his children from unwanted media attention," Kaplan said. "You will not find a picture of Kevin parading with the children out in a public place.

"He's focused right now on being the best parent that he can be," the attorney added.

Life & Style noted that one person aching to help out with the children, Grandma Lynne Spears, is being kept from them.

“(Britney) tells the boys, ‘she’s a bad lady’,” a source told L&S. “It’s so inappropriate to drag the boys into her family feud when they can’t understand what’s going on.”

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