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Molly and Jason return from honeymoon
Nov. 14: "Today Throws a Wedding" couple Molly and Jason Waggoner return from their honeymoon in New Zealand, and visit with "Today" show hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira.

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Meet the couples
Today show
Winners: Molly & Jason
Playa Del Rey, California
Today show
Chauntee and Joshua
Richmond, Virginia
Today show
Kristine & Eric
Tampa, Florida
Today show
Felicia & Eric
Houston, Texas
Today show
Betty & Chris
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Carrie & Josh
Bloomington, Minnesota
Today show
Morgane & D'Quarius
Lansing, Michigan

Slide show
Molly and Jason tie the knot
Click to view their wedding ceremony in pictures.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler Weds Manager AJ DiScala, July 11th, 2003
Celebrity Wedding Dress Highs and Lows
“Today” show style editor Judy Gordon weighs in on the outfits worn by stars during recent nuptials.
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