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Whoopi Goldberg
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Whoopi Goldberg is reportedly one of the new hosts of "The View." Sherri Shepherd has also been named a new host.
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updated 7/26/2007 8:59:55 PM ET 2007-07-27T00:59:55

“The View” is about to get a lot bigger with reports that Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd will join the panel.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Whoopi, who had been tipped for months to fill a “View” seat, will join the show’s new season. Many originally expected Goldberg to become an official member following the early departure of Rosie O’Donnell in May.

In not-too-surprising news, Sherri Shepherd, the African-American comedian who has eloquently shared a spot on the show off and on over the last several months, has also been reportedly offered the job.

The Times says ABC is in final negotiations with the two women who would add more diversity to the all-white panel. The current “View” hosts are Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The new panelists are expected to be announced publicly next week.

ABC however would not comment on the news, telling the Times, “We have nothing to announce right now.”

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