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Remaking London
The face of the British capital is being changed by the hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans who have arrived since 2004.
Follow an African's journey to Europe
’The salary was very, very discouraging’
Sipa Press via MediaStorm
Financial struggles at home
Kingsley's Crossing - Chapter 1: In Cameroon, Kingsley and his parents work hard to provide for his seven brothers and sisters, but they barely get by. He considers migrating to Europe to better his life and that of his family.
’I was very, very, very excited’
Sipa Press via MediaStorm
Leaving home to better life
Kingsley decides to leave Cameroon for better economic opportunities in Europe. But first he must cross inhospitable lands, including a 6-day trip across the Sahara, on his way to North Africa.
’My family will not even see my corpse’
Sipa Press via MediaSTorm
Stuck on Africa’s shores
Seemingly near his goal of crossing to Europe from Africa, Kingsley meets kind strangers but loses confidence at the shore when untrustworthy smugglers cause long delays.
’They are dead, they are dead’
Sipa Press via MediaStorm
Dangerous Atlantic crossing
After traveling overland from Cameroon through northern Africa and finding many delays at the shore, Kingsley finds a smuggler he can afford. But the Atlantic crossing proves more harrowing than his already troubled path to financial freedom.
‘I know with time, things will be OK’
Not the promised land
Having reached Europe, Kingsley finds new challenges in trying to build a life without the friends and family he left far behind in Africa.
Video: Detained on Malta
Waystation to nowhere
Each year about 2000 African immigrants get waylaid on the beautiful island of Malta on their way to mainland Europe.  EU law says they must remain there, even though the Maltese people don't want them and the immigrants want to continue on.
An "African village" on Malta
Visit the Marsa Open Detention Center on the island of Marsa, where stranded African immigrants are trying to make the most of their situation.

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