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Avril Lavigne
Adam Rountree  /  AP
Avril Lavigne, seen here at the Maxim Hot 100 Party, was none too happy to see the Duff sisters, Hilary and Haylie, show up.
updated 5/30/2007 3:25:21 AM ET 2007-05-30T07:25:21

Why can’t pop princesses just all get along?

Avril Lavigne and the Duff sisters, Hilary and Haylie, were both invited to attend Maxim’s Hot 100 Party at the Hotel Gansevoort last week, but a long-simmering feud made handlers go to great lengths to keep them apart.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, according to Metro New York, and Lavigne threatened to storm out of the party.

They were scheduled to come to the event at different times, but a rep told the mag, the rivals “unfortunately arrived at the same time.”

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The situation created some “definite tension,” and not long afterwards, an upset Avril was “threatening to take off” and “driving everyone crazy.”

Elsewhere at the party, fellow revelers were wondering what Sophia Bush was up to when she reportedly cut the line to the bathroom and entered with two friends, and reports Metro New York, “stayed in the stall for a long, flush-free stretch of time.”

‘I had no soul left’
Marilyn Manson says that his marriage to burlesque star Dita von Teese collapsed because she tried to change him.

“She (Von Teese) said that she tolerated the lifestyle because she hoped I would change and threatened to leave if I didn’t,” the goth rocker tells the June issue of Spin. “I was sleeping on the couch in my own home. I was no longer supposed to be a rock star. I was someone who had to be apologized for. I wasn’t prepared to be alone. I came out of this naked, a featherless bird ... I was completely destroyed. I had no soul left.”

Luckily, the 38-year-old Manson was able to reclaim his soul by having an affair with 19-year-old Evan Rachel Wood after she dressed up like Lolita from the Stanley Kubrick movie.

“She’s nothing less than a muse,” he told the mag. “It might sound strange, but this made me want to live.”

Notes from all over
Ellen Barkin
has come out in defense of difficult actresses. “Think twice when you read that an actress is ‘difficult,’” the “Sea of Love” star tells the upcoming issue of More. “There’s not a woman in Hollywood (with more than) five years (of experience) that doesn’t have some kind of reputation, believe me. I think it’s that whole thing that we’ve been taught for centuries to be glad to get the crumbs. (Bleep) that. ... Janice Dickinson says she wouldn’t kick Simon Cowell out of bed. “I can compete with Simon because we’re both authorities in our industry,” the modeling judge said of the singing judge, reports WENN. “I like Simon. I’d sleep with him in a heartbeat. He’s sexy.” ... Johnny Depp put the kibosh on some licensing ideas for his character from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” “Captain Jack toothpaste, for example,” Depp explained while promoting the flick. “How can a guy with gold teeth sell toothpaste? It’s like a bald man selling shampoo.”

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