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  About Al’s Book Club for Kids

Tune in to TODAY for more on our new pick. If you are a grade school teacher who would like your class to read along and ask the author questions, please click here to send us an e-mail.

  Meet the kids in the book club

The young readers tell us about their favorite books, their summer plans and much more:

  Video: Al’s Book Club
  Young readers question author’s ‘Nother Story’
The kids in Al’s Book Club get to ask author Dr. Cuthbert Soup about the lighthearted tale of inventor Ethan Cheeseman in his book ”A Whole Nother Story.”
  Young readers ride out Katrina in ‘Ninth Ward’
The kids of Al Roker’s Book Club speak with author Jewell Parker Rhodes about her award-winning book “Ninth Ward,” the story of a young girl living through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  Author dishes on ‘Dark Life’
Author Kate Falls chats with the kids of Al Roker’s Book Club about her look into the future and humans’ new subsea life.
  Authors unearth ‘Jaguar Stones’
Jon and Pamela Voelkel, the husband-and-wife writing team behind “The Jaguar Stones, Book One: Middleworld,” field questions from kids in Al Roker’s book club.
  Author takes readers ‘Inside the Shadow City’
Kirsten Miller, author of "Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City," fields questions about her story from the young readers of Al Roker’s book club.
  Young readers explore ‘100 Cupboards’
Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia,” author Nathan D. Wilson chats with kids in Al Roker’s book club about his series, “100 Cupboards.”

  Reading resources

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