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Submitted by Kelani Carbonneau
This Is Dil, a white persian cat (age 8) during his bath. He is such a good sport about the whole bath process, he just sits there the whole time.
Submitted by Janice Gantenbein
Our DSH cat, Quigley, and the reason we have double sinks.
Submitted by Regina Mort
Princess Simba saying hello
Submitted by Julie Rice
Rusty's 1st birthday
Submitted by Tara Ryan
Submitted by Anonymous
Blackie had a rough night! But he's a sweet boy of sixteen years of age.
Submitted by Heather Court
My name is Maliika which means angel in Swahili. I am a Brown Marble Bengal. What's the matter I like salad too!
Submitted by Traci Lusch
I look beautiful....see??
Submitted by Anonymous
My buddy Speckles lounging after a tough day of sleeping, eating and more sleeping.
Submitted by Cris Guenter
Ranger's version of "Where's Waldo?"
Submitted by Jennifer Booth
This is my domestic shorthair cat Sammy wearing a sombrero. I got this little sombrero from Mexico and thought it would be the perfect size for a cat.
Submitted by Karen Cook
Here are Seuss and Neiko in a typical napping pose. They are too cute for words, so I'm glad I have photos like these!
Submitted by Jennifer Birkenmeyer
Mowgli, Flame point Himalayan cat (male)
Submitted by Anonymous
Female cat under couch skirt
Submitted by Anonymous
Our babies
Submitted by Melissa Diamond
Studly and Duke....Friends (they are always up to something)!
Submitted by Anonymous
Lucy, siamese
Submitted by Robin Marvin
This is a picture of Booger (aka Boogiloo) relaxing in the warm dryer. Booger has survived being run over by a neighbor, having his spleen removed, and being bitten by an oppossum. Every night he sleeps on my head and purrs me to sleep. He is a two year old tuxedo cat, adopted from PAWS (pets are worth saving) when he was just a baby. Although it's perfectly acceptable for Boogie to wear his tuxedo all year long, it's not appropriate for Meredith to wear white slacks until Easter.
Submitted by Holly Darden
This is Sassy, a part Siamese cat who loves to play dress up. Sometimes she doesn't realize that she's a cat.
Submitted by Joan and Joe Sutula
Photo, Minnie Rose flips on her paralell bar.
Submitted by Debbie Merritt
my cat "Toast" ... kicking back
Submitted by Janette fink
Kitty learned to let herself out!!
Submitted by Karen Cook
Here are my two adorable kitties, Seuss and Neiko (from left). I was lucky enough to catch this shot right as Neiko was going in for a big nurturing lick of his younger "brother"!
Submitted by Anonymous
We call her the Calico Pig, but her real name is Cali. She loves to be in the middle of any game we are playing. The kids had just set up a game of kerplunk, and left to go have dinner, when we heard the marbles kerplunking down. We walked into the dining room to find Cali on the table pulling out the sticks to the game. She pulled out at least a half a dozen of them before she got bored.
Submitted by Jennifer Kwiecinski
My daughter Brianna with our cat Ruby Sunshine. This cat will put up with anything!
Submitted by Anonymous
Taking a nap with her teddy bear.
Submitted by Tracey Jones
My cat Stinky playing foosball, he loved it! And when the ball wen he scored a point, he would lean over the side and try to get the ball out again. I love that cat!
Submitted by Joy Hoskins
Pumpkin caught in a giant yawn
Submitted by Patricia Mason
The Boyz are the perfect companions, but only one is keen on getting his picture taken. Poor Taz looks like a deer caught in headlights and there's his buddy Shadow, just smiling like a pro!
Submitted by Anonymous
Gypsy peeking out of the couch skirt!
Submitted by Thomas Dozer
This is Chloe trying to get to a bird that was out side the window.
Submitted by Karen Farb
This is Jack. He's a 20-pound baby who does not understand that the back couch cushions can't really support him no badly how much he'd like to nap there. He's finally started to sleep on the ottoman, but I don't think he's happy about it-hah!
Submitted by Elizabeth Hall
Name: Bling Breed: Calico
Submitted by Michele Ogle
My Siamese, Logan, all tucked in and ready for bed!
Submitted by Tim Paterson
Charlie yawns.
Submitted by Brigette Sofio-Shaffer
Hi! This is a photo of my cat, Roswell ("Rozzie Bozzie"). He gets spooked often, hence the name. He is very photogenic and he's 10 years old. He's so cute!
Submitted by Krysta Simonsen
"Cool Cat" Taffy on her favorite spot to watch the Chicago Bulls.
Submitted by Judy Laskey
This is Molly, my 13 year old blue point Himalayan
Submitted by Tara Ryan
Tigger sleeping belly up
Submitted by Jennifer Doland
Name: Swarley I like to call this photo "Drunken Kitty". (No, he hasn't really been hitting the bottle, but he sure looks it!)
Submitted by Erin Huberty
Bodhi ~ Maine Coon Our boy loves the sunshine!
Submitted by Krysta Simonsen
This cat is soooo Cooool that they call him Sir Leonardo dé Tiger Cat aka Panther.
Submitted by Anonymous
My cats Sazjha and Bella doing what they do best, Napping!
Submitted by Staci Blanchard
This Frodo and he is an orange Tabby cat.
Submitted by Ashley Fruge'
Kyko posing for the camera!
Submitted by Denny and Erika Sevene
Gizmo gives a "high five", or is it a "high paw?". He's a Siamese Minx with a great cattitude!
Submitted by Kaaren Lanway
Gabby (the cat) and Quazzie (the little parikeet), watch Marrideth in the mornings.
Submitted by Matthew Lofquist
This is my cat moo-key he's a maincoon he's about 6 years old also a very good cat
Submitted by Kelly Smith
This is "Cheif" who was a stray kitten when we found him, and is presumably a mixed breed. He is often seen doing his best rug impression around the house. In summer, he lays like this under the air conditioning vent.
Submitted by nj pearson
this is THUMPER my 6 1/2 year old orange makeral tabby @ work
Submitted by Johnna Helmers
This is Rily - I rescued him from an animal shelter over 5 years ago. I'm not sure of his breed but he has the longest most beautiful white hair. Unfortunately he is a little on the snooty side and doesn't really warm up to anyone!
Submitted by Jessica Smith
My other cat Buddee, enjoying a nap in a Mountain Dew box.
Submitted by Janet Aaberg
Ariel 13 year old May 2006 sitting in flower garden
Submitted by Kayte Emery
Persian - Mr.Grumbles, sunglasses
Submitted by Linda Eckert
Daphne loves to strech after her cat nap.
Submitted by Mary Johnson
This is my cat Murphy...who is trying desperately to get me to stop working!
Submitted by Anonymous
Nap time for Kitty (tortishelle calico).
Submitted by Vicki Calonge
Name of our pet: Erie. We adopted Erie from Save The Animals Foundation, so we do not know his breed.
Submitted by Clyde Blair
Nuki is the cats name, Just a cat. A very comfortable cat!
Submitted by Tara Froemming
Cat's Name: Fatty Cat Breed: Domestic Short Hair She is sitting inside of a Charmin toilet paper bag.
Submitted by Amy Suter
Name: Tara Breed: Scottish Fold
Submitted by kathleen henrie
"pudface" is our beautiful hymalaian/persian mix. he is very inquisitive, with violet blue eyes.
Submitted by Elizabeth Petrosino
This is Max in front of the Christmas tree this year. As you can see, he love to get his picture taken. Dressing up as Santa Clause is not one of his favorite things to do. Can you tell??
Submitted by Jan Newitt
This is Princess. She is 7 years old. She was found cold and wet alone when we rescued her. Today she thinks she owns the house she shares with the 2 of us and 2 other cats.
Submitted by Susan Lassiter
Arthur Lewis Lassiter
Submitted by Kim S
This is Trouble. Looks like he got tired from cleaning and decided to take a nap.
Submitted by Anonymous
Oliver, domestic shorthair cat, 5 years old


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