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Submitted by Jen Ford
Our wonderful little dog, Lotus, really loves to strike a pose for the camera. She's so vogue.
Submitted by Andrey Timofeev
my dogs name is Oscar. He is a boxer
Submitted by Robin Goetting
Lord Bentley, a great dane, thinks he's human; when you tell him to sit, he backs up to the furniture and sits.
Submitted by Christopher Cifone
We heard a noise downstairs, when we went to check it out, this is what we found....
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Bear and Avery. They leave the house lookin' cool every day for their daily excursions...And if you have ever stuck your head out a car window at 60 mph you appreciate the eye protection....
Submitted by Sandi Crocker
This is a photo of my Cocker Spaniel named Bo. He is 9 1/4 years old. I don't know if he is silly....or just plain CUTE!!! Thanks!!
Submitted by Dora Costa
Moises-Portuguese Water Dog at Halloween
Submitted by joselyn walsh
the rocket man yorkie
Submitted by Anonymous
Happy Hamlet
Submitted by Danna Schotsch
My baby's name is Riley. He is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Submitted by andrea williams
Watching the westies on the dog show!
Submitted by Susan Chang
This is Sydney. He comes from Second Chance Dalmatian Rescue of Ohio. He is a very playful and happy dog and as you can see, a good sport.
Submitted by Rhonda Peterson
Abby in her pink polka-dot coat and hat
Submitted by Karen Degen
This Westie and Cairn Terrier are "cousins". Aren't they cute!
Submitted by Julie Eddy
Allie a cockapoo on Valentine's Day.
Submitted by Erika Crocker
Steffi is the biggest Parrothead around! Who'd have thought a Rottie would be so into Cheeseburgers in Paradise?
Submitted by Betty Driver
My two dachshunds wearing their Mexican hats.
Submitted by Tommy Cooke
This is Monte and he is extremely spoiled for a Maltese. He is 5 1/2 years old, and he loves riding in the car. He has to sit in my lap while I am driving or he will worry me to death if he is not there. I call him "Goofy" often as he keeps the house in a mess with all of his stuff toys with squeakers on the floor of every room. Also, while reading the paper in the mornings' he lays on the back cushion behind me and looks over my shoulder as though he is reading the paper himself. Most of all, if a Burglar were to break into the house, I think he would consider the Burglar his best friend.
Submitted by Anonymous
Picture perfect timing for an afternoon yawn from our pug, Pedro.
Submitted by Natalie Wargo
the dog looking at the camera is Skip, we have had her for 3yrs...the dog on the other end is Mistie....we were trying her out for a friend to see if we would want another dog and if Skip would like one too. by the picture i feel as if she is saying ..."what is that over there, you have got to be kidding" lets just say Mistie went to live with my sister and Skip is still queen...
Submitted by Kay Martell
Chiquita goes Hawaiian....
Submitted by Valerie Turnage
Tazz loves his toy bus so much that he also uses it as a pillow and here he got tired so decided to rest his head.
Submitted by Gary Grosch
Sadie our Saint Bernard was rescued from the animal shelter. She was to be euthanized because she was 'mean, aggressive and unadoptable'. Needless to say she is the sweetest girl ever.
Submitted by Bill Harrington
Sasha and her friend Theodore. They like to sit on the sofa and watch TV together. Sasha is an 8 year old Golden Retriever and the best dog I have ever had!
Submitted by Kelly Hechinger
Lolabell is an exhausted St. Bernard puppy. Laying with my son "Yancy"she catches a few zzzzzzz's lying on her back with her tongue sticking out. She's now 135# and LOVES watching TV. She's a never ending supply of entertainment.
Submitted by Marisa Salazar
Little Dude in his Batman costume
Submitted by Anja Leatherwood
Submitted by Sandi Fohl
Basketball dog
Submitted by Tracy Connolly
This is Mighty Moe - a papillon puppy. He swears he wasn't playing in the mud.
Rev, Chololate lab and Barley, and English Bulldog.
Submitted by Stacy Hanes
This is Big Girl. She is a Shih-Tzu and was having a very rough morning on Christmas.
Submitted by JoAnn DiIorio
DJ Christmas Morning after playing with his new toys!
Submitted by Cody Brooks
Our new puppy, Diesel, he is 4 months old, and such a sweetie! He always has his tongue hanging out.
Submitted by Renee Barton
We adopted this little man from a rescue organization. His name is Brown Dog. :) Brown Dog loves his pool float in the summer and loves to just float the day away in the sun. I tell everyone he is my 'puppy love'. Every girl has one, right?
Submitted by Emelie Putnam
This is Dudley, my 3 year old mixed breed. He wears Doggles in the summer when we're on the ocean to avoid sun damage to his eyes.
Submitted by Abby Cantrell
Eddie, part black lab, part mystery mutt, licking his lips!
Submitted by Charles Cherry
"Daddy, The pup's trying to steal my toy AGAIN! Noelle (Staffordshire Terrier) try's to steal Princess Fiona's (American Staffordshire Terrier) Kong. Both are in training to join my family in our clowning.
Submitted by Karen Settembrino
Mimi Nessa Setti 2year old Shih Tzu loves the Today show.
Submitted by Kristin McCain
This is Murphy McCain, our three year old yellow lab. He's 100 lbs, but thinks he's the same size as our 10 lb newborn baby. Here is Murphy trying to get attention by getting in the baby's Moses basket all by himself. He's obviously feeling a little displaced with the new arrival!!
Submitted by Yvonne Lindsay
Playing Santa
Submitted by Kim Lurie
"Help! Robin! Help! Please I don't want to be Batman anymore!" - Jackson (Coton de Tulear - 3 months)
Submitted by claire Atkin
Here is Jazzie my English Pointer watching the world go by!!!
Submitted by Lisa Palmer
Our dog Alex was the most adorable dragon for Halloween last year. He's so chubby, we had to convert a child's costume for him because the doggie ones weren't big enough!
Submitted by Robin Krautbauer
Retired Racing Greyhound Trixi thinking the van seats should be just a little bit larger.
Submitted by Anonymous
Gidget( granddog) saying enough pictures already!
Submitted by Robin Mulholland
It was a dog gone day!
Submitted by Jennifer Kingsley
This is Nikki. She's about 6 years old and is a red healer/aussie sheppard mix. She loves to lay around on her back, in fact sleeps like that most of the time. I snapped this thinking that she looked too cute to ignore!
Submitted by Anonymous
10 week old Yandisa's Brogan of Anamdor showing his morning personality. He is a happy Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Submitted by Tammy Heck
Our Peppy girl at XMAS 2007.She is 9 yrs old. As you can tell she was SO into the XMAS spirit! haha.
Submitted by Shellie Powell
Here's Chubbs modeling his surfwear. He's a 5 yr. old long-haired Chihuahua. He was rescued from a backyard breeder. The poor little guy lived his first 2 years in a cage. Now he has a great life, free reign of our house and is my personal bodyguard.
Submitted by John Cailloux
This is Rusty
Submitted by David Connor
Max got caugh trying to get of his room.
Submitted by Jennifer Hirmer
Emma (b)rat terrier 4 weeks
Submitted by Anonymous
A 130 lbs Bernese Mountain dog 2 years old, jumping straight up from a stand still. Captions added for fun!
Submitted by Anonymous
Nechita in her "Gucci" fashion show runway attire for a vacation in Italy.
Submitted by Karla Warren
This is a picture of my one year old lab/?? puppy, Icon, on Halloween. I thought it was a really cute picture!
Submitted by Sherri Giordano
Trixie, the chihuahua and her best buddy, Max, our 16 y.o. cat. Max is an original cat bed!
Submitted by Angela Hubert
she loves binkys
Submitted by Linda Coffey
This is "Cuppa" Coffey enjoying watching a crane outside while on vacation in Onancoke, VA. "Cuppa" is a five-year old "yorkie-poo"!
Submitted by Anonymous
Shelby, Goldendoodle I know I have to be clean, but I don't have to like it.
Submitted by Anonymous
Best Friends - Dante the Dog and Calvin the Cat!
Submitted by Debi Beckham
Hank, our weimaraner with his hula girls, our jack russell terriers.
Submitted by Debra Farmer
Colorado cowgirl
Submitted by Jamie Saunders
Submitted by Marjorie Granillo
This is my dog O.G., short for Oprah Ghost Masquerade. He is a two year old Shetland Sheepdog. I post pictures in my online journal once a month from my series called "Stuff on O.G.". This is by far the funnest picture I have taken of him.
Submitted by Nancy Deschenes
Teddy-having a BALL in the snow.
Submitted by Barbara Sawyer-Brown
trhis is Liza, ( aka champion Kwetu's Broadway Lady) a rhodesian ridgeback, bred to track lions and hold them at bay for the hunter. liza is obviously taking her heritage seriously , here. Barbara Sawyer-Brown
Submitted by Anonymous
Molly posing for the camera!
Submitted by Jeannie Grosch
Samantha is Newfoundland. She loves to go bye bye
Submitted by Dona Brown
Is it time for my first birthday party yet??????? 1 yr old Lhasa Apso named Buddy Boy
Submitted by Jennifer Lu
Kiwi and Milo( both pomeranians) share pillows for their nap
Submitted by Jessica Hickey
Here is Polo (female cat) and Guinness (lab mix pup) snuggling before their afternoon nap.
Submitted by Joe Mello
Zues "Horse" Mello is her name. Originally we named her Zues because she was such a big strong Ppuppy that was always in charge. Then, we started calling her horse because she's so HUGE, she grunts, snorts, and when she runs through the house on our old wooden floors the floors shake and she sounds like a galloping horse. A friend of ours is writeing a childdrens book about Zues and named it "Zeus is a Horse of Course" Thanks hope you love her as much as we do! I'm a big big fan of the Today Show and all the hosts/cast, but everybody has to have there favorite and mines Ann. P.S. tell her she
Submitted by Henry Courtney
Our little yorkie Reba.8 months old.
Submitted by Barbara Fettig
Pomeranian-poodle mix...4.5 lbs...Her name is Chloe.
Submitted by Anonymous
Bozo Barrett, Ready for his dinner date, with Jackie M. His favorite Weather Anchor Lady.
Submitted by Nicole Jackson
Lab Newfie cross, Bunnies hunter man "Bunnie" loves his homemade blanket.
Submitted by Anonymous
Roxie- miniature schnauzer and Ellie Mae-miniature dachshund taking a bath and not very happy about it.
Submitted by Bernadette Badner
Submitted by Cheryl Soares
My miniture schnauzer Molly at Easter
Submitted by margot childs
Buddy the Basset Hound. Dressed up as a dinosaur for halloween
Submitted by Claudia Hausmann
Luna, our deaf Great Dane, in her Lycra bodysuit. We don't use the suit that often, but when we do on walks, everybody driving stares at her.
Submitted by Wendy Sellers
This is Sam, a corgi mix. He's apparently a little bored with our photo session.
Submitted by Robin Convery
My dog Lilly. I think she needs a dentist.
Submitted by Lenzie Bailey
Combat Mini in her foxhole. HOAHH!
Submitted by Gina Eckhart
My dog's name: Brandi Breed: Pomeranian mixed with miniature Collie She is 8 years old. Loves to get dressed up especially for Halloween.
Submitted by Mitzi Brown
"Neon" Powder Puff Chinese Crested...Cleaning windows. We can get a complete video of this.
Submitted by Lauren Cafiero
Riley Sleeping in a comfortable husky position!
Submitted by Shala Carter
Geraldine Ford Carter is a purebred, 2 yr. old Pug who had a great time celebrating New Year's Eve in her new home with us after her adoption from a local animal shelter.


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