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Submitted by Patricia Wilson
My son, Harley, at approximately 3 months old. He is a Shih Tzu. We also have his sister, Piper, from the same litter.
Submitted by Anonymous
Stella Diamond our 3 yr. old Boston Terrier.
Submitted by Mary Shirley
Little Buddy stays warm Buddy is an 8 month old Jack Russell who discovered the warmth of the dryer at an early age! In this colder weather, he waits for the dryer to open!
Submitted by Anonymous
Sir Yoji (yorkie)
Submitted by Keleigh Milliorn
Katy is a Malanois, which is a type of Belgian Shepherd. We think. :) She looks like she's saying, "Helloooo, there!"
Submitted by Keleigh Milliorn
Katy is a Malanois, which is a type of Belgian Shepherd. We think. :)
Submitted by Keleigh Milliorn
This is Maximus, a Lab mix. "I am so forlorn. Won't you please, please, please throw the ball?" I'm not looking at it. I'll just place my head near it, and maybe the power of subliminal thinking will make them throw it. I can will them to throw it with my mind. Feel sorry for me! Throw it!
Submitted by Cheryl Wren
"Winston" is a Drahthaar and loves to have all the toys at one time!
Submitted by Joanna Foy
Marty and Chuck (Shih Tzu/Yorke ~ SHORKIE)
Submitted by Tammy Anderson
My two year old Jack Russell Terrier, Sophie.
Submitted by cindy smith
Suzy our 12 year old part golden retriever and chow. And Annie the calico cat.
Submitted by Louise Kellough
Bonnie says "How humiliating MOM! How come he doesn't have to wear this stuff!"
Submitted by Lisa Aksamit
This is Charlie. He is a one year old Cocker Spaniel. Charlie is always bringing me something. I quess he thought I needed a pick me up!!!
Submitted by Lyn Lanahan
Chessie "Golden Retriever Puppy on Adventure" I have lots more Chessie pictures plus wedding picture of his grandparents that appeared in the Beaufort (SC) Gazette.
Submitted by Amanda Goodfriend
The beautiful Miss Lillie
Submitted by nicole wozniak
Rudy and Rosie English bulldog/English bulldog-boxer mix
Submitted by Jill Underwood
Shadow, a black lab, does not realize she is alittle to big to be a lap dog.
Submitted by Robert Wilson
Our pets "Cuda" a Rat Terrier and "Pugsie" a pekinese mix. When we saw this photo of our dogs we couldn't help but laugh.
Submitted by Kellie Rutherford
Who knew a muscle t could look so good on my lab-retreiver mix Buster!
Submitted by Mariana Marchetta
I have her (Jewell) Christmas gift and she sneaks in to see if she can take it.
Submitted by Mariana Marchetta
Silly thing, trying to catch my attention.
Submitted by Deb Knorr
"Adam" is deaf and smiles a lot..He loves hugs!
Submitted by Brie Rehbein
"Peta", our boxer-mix on a road trip from Portland, Oregon to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Submitted by Tim Fenton
Timber Fenton Alaskan Malamute
Submitted by CATY ZEITLER
OwlBait (OB) toy poodle playin in the snow
Submitted by AnnMarie Guerra
"Dallas," my 10-year-old yellow Labrador retriever sleeping. This is his favorite position to sleep in. He was still able to sleep like this, even with his external fixator on his leg.
Submitted by Christy Bowers
This is Ginger - a Shiba Inu - playing with a robotic dog our daughter received for Christmas. The toy barks and whines which sends Ginger into a frenzy. (The video is giggle-inducing!)
Submitted by Bobbie Cruz
This is my dog Bella Donna, a yellow lab, sitting like a human while watching The Today Show.
Submitted by Cathleen Kennedy
Diamond sleeping with Grandpa after a hard day at work.
Submitted by Jannae DeSiena
Austin the Airedale "My Favorite Hiking Trail"
Submitted by Robin Murray
This is our two german shepherds, Harley and Sadie. Harley is 13 months old and we got him from a breeder in Union City, Ga. when he was 8 weeks old. He is the Sable, Sadie, the black/tan german shepherd is a two year old female that we adopted Jan.6,2007 from a german shepherd rescue in Montgomery,Ala. Her and Harley have become inseparable and they share everything from toys to sleeping quarters!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Kado. He is an American Staffordshire. He LOVES the camera and taking pictures! oops he blinked! haha
Submitted by Jannae DeSiena
Austin the Airedale "Baking Dog Cookies"
Submitted by abby van der veer
Anabel is a Malti-poo (maltese poodle) and she got into some mud this morning!
Submitted by Andrea Holweger
This is Missy, a 4-month old Pompek. This is her first trip to Maracas Beach in Trinidad. She is currently begging for cheetoes because she discovered they taste better than the sand she was just eating.
Submitted by Darna Niccoli Lopez
Sam Adams with his hood on. He loves any attention at all. Even if it means dressing him up and sending his picture to the today show!
Submitted by Jacquelyn McClellan
This is Nikki...rat terrior and yorkie mixed. Of course she had a little help to look this good...lol, but we love her.
Submitted by Annika Swenson
Nike, our German Shorthaired Pointer, dressed up as the Tin Man on Halloween.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Cedar our Golden Retriever. He is 2 1/2 yrs old. He is playing in the first snowfall of the season for Southern NH.
Submitted by Erin Morrell
Our puppy Calvin is a 1 1/2 yrs Maltese. I woke up and found him on our pillows and neatly tucked beneth the blanket.I quickly reached for the phone to capture this . He sleeps curled up with us evrynight. The more tucked in he is , the better he sleeps.
Submitted by Hallie Leverich
This is "Munchie" (short for Munchkin). She is a pure Yorkshire Terrier. This picture was taken of Munchie when we got our new apple computer. She for some reason really liked the sound the computer made when it took a picture of her.
Submitted by Lisa Mcdonald
Obviously I think they are the cutest dogs in the world
Submitted by Lorri O'Brien
our eligha undercover super snooper !
Submitted by Kathy Broz
This is Odie Broz - he just want's to have fun. Odie is an 11 year old Terrier mix. I think his Mom was a West Highland Terrier
Submitted by Pat Henry
Dog photos Rudy trying on his winter booties!
Submitted by Pat Henry
Dog Photos Cassidy in the warm laundry!
Submitted by Janet Poulin
Stonewall causing mischief.
Submitted by Melanie Bean
Socorro Black lab mix He's a nibbler...loves his corn on the cob!
Submitted by Lavonne Reeves
My Black Lab Cayenne love to play in mud puddles! She doesn't realize the she get's muddy!
Submitted by Sherri Dunn
Ivan Von Dunn - German Shepherd Dog - He's just too cool for school.
Submitted by Sherri Dunn
Inga Von Dunn - German Shepherd Dog - Jumping up to catch water splashed up in the air by my grandson.
Submitted by Leslie Castellanos
Like every pampered pooch, Chesapeake Bay Retirever, Jasmine enjoys a nice exfolliating scrub every now and then.
Submitted by Heather Sparrow
This is Kado. He's an American Staffordshire. He LOVES the camera, look directley into it. He's the best! Blinked on this one....hahaha
Submitted by Donald Lindhorst
This is a picture of our dachshund "Daisy". When she has her treat, she always makes a face.
Submitted by Jennifer Speech
This is my pug Chubbs. Chubbs loves to watch the Today show every morning with me and my family!!!
Submitted by Melissa White
This is Lucy my Jack Russell Terrier who dug up a root in my flower bed and snuck it in the house. It wasnt as good as she thought it would be.
Submitted by MELANIE BROWN
This is my Labrador Retriever, his name is Rueben and he is only 8 months old in this picture taken last summer at our cottage, he loves swimming in the water and he thinks that since mom floates around on her floatee that he should too!! Isnt he beautiful.
Submitted by Leah Bartlett
Roxanne - Boston Terrier
Submitted by Annika Swenson
Nike, our German Shorthaired Pointer, likes to do some interpretive dancing.
Submitted by Amanda Poole
This is our dog Andy. My daughter took this picture, I don't know what he was thinking, or drinking! Amanda Kennesaw, Ga
Submitted by Michelle Wilkerson
We just got hardwood floors and my dog Cletis hates them. So he decided to lay down in out CATS bed. I think he might be a little to big for it.
Submitted by Danielle Meyer
This is Bagels, our 5 year old puggle (Beagle/Pug). She is quite a character, and actually tucked herself in with her ducky. When we found her still in bed we had to take a picture of it.
Submitted by Courtnie Dobson
Champ is a male Boxer and is a year old. He had been running and jumping all over the house and just ran down the stairs and came tearing around the corner. I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time with my camera.
Submitted by Anonymous
This picture is of Maggie. She is our 4 year old German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix. Our 8 year old daughter, Miranda, loves to play vet and Maggie is always so happy to play patient. The more Miranda fusses over her the more Maggie enjoys it. This particular day Miranda decided that her patient would have a broken leg and needed it wrapped and much couch rest. Maggie was happy to play.
Submitted by Christa Karet
Our dog, Shaggy, dressed up in a Mexican Hat.
Submitted by Lisa Russ
Lucy, Boston Terrier
Submitted by Kat Brown
Name: Puck Breed: Rottweiller/Lab Mix Other: Dog Rescue
Submitted by Cynthia Haynes
Monkey and Sweet Pea, Boston Terriers
Submitted by Heather Dennis
This is "Jack" and he is wearing a cape that is made out of tissue paper. He is flying through the air. We call this Super-Chi-wa-we.
Submitted by Rebecca Hogan
My baby girl, Ginger, looking guilty after she knows she disobediently raided the bathroom trash can once again.
Submitted by Sandy Smith
Moses, our precious Golden Retriever, with his pipe cleaner crown made by our granddaughter, Olivia
Submitted by charlotte cobb
three standard poodles jazz, jade and jessica also a lhasa apso who thinks he is a datandard poodle and just one of the girls "cowboy
Submitted by scott david
Submitted by Joanne Kelter
This is our new puppy Chewy - aptly named, I must say and quite the blanket hog too. Chewy will climb aboard my bed and pull the blankets up over himself. I really don't approve, but boy he looks cute!
Submitted by Metts Bahadir
I am bored.
Submitted by Anonymous
pure bred pug - 1 yr and 8 mos.
Submitted by Margaret McCliment
Cinder's Graduation party!
Submitted by Carrie Toth
This is Sugar, she's a spaniel mix. We came home one night to find her wandering around the house with her most innocent 'i wasn't just digging in the bathroom garbage' look on her face!
Submitted by Elizabeth Klein
Tucker, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, peeking from behind the curtain he was hiding behind.
Submitted by Lisa Deppe, DVM
This is a collie mix, Immy, that I adopted from the Lab Animal Research group while in veterinary school. I was out taking photographs one day for a class I was taking, and apparantly she was bored, as I caught her mid yawn! I unfortunately caught part of the window in the shot, but can digitally retouch it and remove the window if needed. Wanted to send you the original photo, though.
Submitted by Bobbie Dalton
This is our 1 y/o Yellow Lab Daisy Mae getting ready for Halloween! I went as Cruella DeVille and she was my dalmation. She is so patient with her mommy!
Submitted by Krystal Tollefson
Barley is a 3 1/2 month old Beagle who is starting to learn that he is a male! In this case, he was caught in the act and feeling a little imbarrassed.
Submitted by Margaret McCliment
Cinder's first bath
Submitted by Maryah Sautter
JT asleep huging his favorite toy.
Submitted by Molly Ceppetelli
Kona-yellow lab dressed as a PIG Mason-black lab/great dane mix dressed as a BUMBLE BEE
Submitted by Lindsay Still
This is a picture of my Yorkie, Sophie. This picture was taken right after I walked in on her CHEWING a pair of Gucci high-heels. Needless to say, the Gucci shoes are no longer able to be worn!
Submitted by Jennifer Hearn
This is a picture of my dog Hebe (weimaraner) passed out on the couch.
Submitted by Barbara Lott
Tsali, a St. Bernard
Submitted by Nancy Deschenes
Teddy, Wishing for the Sun.
Submitted by Sarah Meece
Angel was sleeping on top of the couch and slowly slid off..upside down with her foot in her ear and all. I really can't believe I got the picture. I got into place and as soon as I turned the camera on she opened her eyes and I started clicking. She is the sweetest dog ever, she's my first small dog and I love her.
Submitted by James Racklyeft
Don't tell Scoozi she's 10 because she still thinks and acts like a puppy. Oh, and don't even try to get that tennis ball away from her because you'll never catch her.
Submitted by Angela Wells
Our dog on vacation while we cruise around the Florida Keys in a Sea Ray Yacht.
Submitted by Anonymous
Kimber (black) and Jack (tan brindle) take a cat nap. They are brother and sister American Stafordshire Terrier/Bull Mastiff/ Bordeaux mixes.
Submitted by Amber Scott
My toy poodle, Sooner, at the beach!!! Amelia Island, FL
Submitted by Patty Smith
Is it time to eat yet?
Submitted by Anonymous
This is our Labrador Retriever Winston. We used to take him to the golf course when he was a puppy, however we can no longer because he steals golf balls and runs away with them.
Submitted by Magge McCann
This is "Gonzo" a terrier mix I found at the pound. He was one day away from being put down. His favorite foods are brussel sprouts and cheap caviar.
Submitted by Natalie Fockel
This is Murphy. He decided it was important to eat his bed and spread it all over the deck! It must have been an exhausting task, as he had to break for a minute and take a nap on what was left of the bed. I must mention, Murphy is a long-haired St. Bernard and he is 6 months old in this picture.
Submitted by Deb Fridlington
Rascal, an English Setter, behaving like an angel while enjoying a day at the office with his "Mom".
Submitted by Brenda Bryant
Mr. Big with his baby blanky. (Mr. Big is at this time 5mos old, he is a chinese crested)
Submitted by Susan Watson
Billy Burke Watson - Boston Terrier Picked up my grandson's pacifier - like every dog has one!
Submitted by Sonya Bogdanovicz-Ducsay
"Mac" using "Rhiannon" as a pillow. Both are English Bulldogs.
Submitted by Juanita Bush
Bacca (Leonberger), Bullie(Lab and Rott mix) and Sirus(Golden Retriever and Italian Blue Mask Mastiff Mix) line up for their Christmas treats!
Submitted by Angela Abramczyk
My dog's name is Chimichanga but she prefers to go by Chimi. I call her a 'Brouhaha' when asked her breed, but she's a little mutt - a Brussels Griffon crossed with a Chihuahua. She was out in my carport and somehow ended up with a feather stuck to her nose...
Submitted by Juanita Bush
Bullie (Lab/Rott Mix) in his Cowboy hat.
Submitted by Juanita Bush
Sirus (Golden Retriever/Mastiff Mix) has his boots on and is ready to go!
Submitted by Penny and Gary Ojala
Harley is our 5 yr old silver Pug, always finding a way to make us smile! We adopted him 3 years ago from Pug Rescue and have enjoyed every minute with him since. We also have a Fawn colored female Pug named Molly.
Submitted by Pam Dunnevant
Molly, our "party animal" (Golden Retriever)
Submitted by Eileen Schmieder
Here's a picture of Kristopher as a cute little pumpkin - he seemed to like this outfit a little better than the cowboy one!
Submitted by Lisa Nelsen-Woods
Blitzkrieg, a one-eyed rescue Pekingese at Dogapalooza benefitting DogSOS in Columbus, Ohio! This photo commemorates the day he conquered many of his fears (including cameras) that came from a life of abuse. Blitzkrieg now helps others by participating in fundraisers for animal shelters.
Submitted by Mitzi Brown
"Neon" Powder Puff Chinese Crested...Obsessive compulsively cleaning the window.
Submitted by Angelina Poiesz
Corkey stiking her tongue out at me. Saying NO Mommy
Submitted by Leanne Haddad
Remy Haddad overindulged on New Years Eve!
Submitted by Christine Moran
Zack is standing and Zoe (his sister is sitting). Zack licks constantly so I wasn't surprised to see him sticking his tongue out in this picture. They are both a mix of poodle/yorkie - 4 years old.
Submitted by Anonymous
Casper - Shih Tzu
Submitted by Tony Sadowski
"Oh, hello. I didn't hear you come in." Murray is a Cocker Spaniel/Bichon mix. And he looks dashing, peering over his specs like that.
Submitted by Karen Graybill
My dog, Whinney, had a grand time at the feedlot.........she found a lagoon for swimming! she got two baths before she could go home in the truck! And two more once she got home! with good-smelling shampoo I assure you!
Submitted by Cindhi Herd
Submitted by Margala Sell
Neo American Pit Bull Terrier
Submitted by Kelly Lutton
This is Angus, our beagle mix puppy. He was 3 1/2 months old when we took this picture and sat patiently through 8 tries to get him looking at the camera! He looks very embarrassed though!
Submitted by Nettie Febus
This picture is of my dog Palaris. When I first got her at nine weeks, she was as big as a doller bill.
Submitted by Teresa and Jim Armstrong
This is a picture of our dog Sambucca with her favorite toy from a collection of Simpson's themed squeaky toys. This one happens to be Grandpa Abe's dentures. The toy had been lost for a few weeks and she looked for it constantly! The day it was found I showed it to her and tossed it for her to play with it. She picked the toy up just as you see in the picture, slowly folded her ears back, sat down in her favorite spot and just sat there just breathing loudly with a faraway look in her eyes. When we saw how she was holding the toy, my husband and I went and got our cameras to capture the
Submitted by Diane Kelly
This is Tara Grace Kelly. She is a pit bull/lab mix (although the shelter we rescued her from told us she was a boxer/husky mix). As you can tell she has turned into a very fun family addition.
Submitted by Cheri DeGeere
You sure that this is my toy? We have 3 dalmatians all together.
Submitted by Susan Storey
My future show dog,Evi, a Border Terrier, got the nyla ring stuck around her body then laid down on top of Roger Cara's book about how to show dogs. He was the voice of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show for many years. That moment was a good prediction of how entertaining showing my dog would be. She has lived up to those expectations.


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