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Submitted by Rachel Bryden
Kate Winslet is my favorite actress ever, and ever since Titanic came out people have always told me I looked like her. So my friends and I got together and had a Titanic dress up fest and I, of course, got to be Rose.
Submitted by Jerome Carter
Submitted by Marci Chaddick
Kate Winslet look-alike photo
Submitted by Lori Chandler
I am on the left in the brown halter top with white polka dots. People frequently tell me that I look like Kate Winslet, as well as Katharine McPhee and Rachel Weisz.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a picture taken after I took an acting class.
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a face shot of me from about 3 years ago. While I've never been mistaken for Kate Winslet, people frequently tell me I look like or remind them of her.
Submitted by douglas mcniet
I look so much like Will Smith my friends call me willie
Submitted by Kelly Meyer
I have received a lot of comments on this picture from people saying that I resemble Kate Winslet. This picture was taken at Presentation High School's Junior/Senior prom in 2005.
Submitted by Alyssa Mollo
As a teacher, I have found that at least once a semester, a student tells me I look like "that girl from Titanic." I thank them for the compliment, and apologize for not knowing Leonardo DiCaprio.
Submitted by Anonymous
People used to call me fresh prince...
Submitted by TED PARKS
Webcam pic
Submitted by Anonymous
Black and white photo
Submitted by Barry Richards
Me in Miami.
Submitted by Anne Robins
Kate Winslet look-alike photo, Anne Robins
Submitted by Jerome Robinson
Jerome Robinson @ Will's mother's 70th birthday @ the Vegas Wynn Hotel.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a law school ID photo
Submitted by Jamal Watson
When I'm not setting up friends and making love connections a la "Hitch," I like to lean against a wall while people tell me that I look like Will Smith.


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