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Britney Spears’ nannies are speaking out.

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Women who were hired — or interviewed to be hired — to care for the singer’s two sons say that they were asked few questions about their work history or child-rearing skills, and rather were asked about their personal lives, according to Us.

“The agency that called me emphasized that Britney was looking for a nanny who was young and hip because they wanted her to interact with people her own age,” one interviewee told the mag. “Basically, Britney wanted a friend.”

What’s more, comfort with nudity was apparently a plus.

Slideshow: Bad days for Britney “Britney asked me and one of her nannies to come to her room to watch her try on outfits for a party one night,” a source said. “Then she stripped down naked in front of us!”

Spears reportedly wanted the nannies to be very hands-on —  but not too good at what they did.

“One nanny told me that Britney will hold her kids for 10 minutes and then say, ‘I’m done now. You can take them,’ ” a source told the mag.

Said another:  “She doesn’t like when Sean prefers the nanny, so she fires them and looks for a new one.”

Not-so-sweet scent of success
In other Spears news, it looks like the singer’s fans are no longer too keen on smelling like her.

Sales of Spears' fragrances have — not surprisingly — taken a hit recently.

Spears’ first perfume was a top-seller when it was introduced in 2004 and her scents were her primary source of income for the last few years, according to OK!, which reports that sales over the holiday were “weak” and that there is concern about future sales.

Although Spears was estimated to be worth $123 million in 2002, a former employee of the singer tells the mag that the star has been “burning through money,” as she has not put out a new album, toured or nabbed new endorsement deals in years.

Notes from all over
Paris Hilton’s trip to Vienna for the Opera Ball hit a sour note. The heiress is reportedly furious that she was made to look like she was promoting a product that she wasn’t. Hilton visited a shopping mall owned by tycoon Richard Lugner, her host for the visit, and during a press conference was presented with a wristwatch, a BlackBerry, and a pair of skis — but the gift-giving hadn’t been cleared with Hilton’s people, who are said to be mulling a lawsuit. “[Hilton’s] management had not been informed that the press conference was to be recorded by [Austrian TV station] ATV for their reality-soap ‘The Lugners,’” a source told Australia Today. “One could interpret that as hidden advertising. Management is therefore considering legal action should the pictures be used commercially.”   . . . “Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis is rumored to be dating Rick Fox, who recently divorced “Ugly Betty” star Vanessa Williams, reports IMDB.  . . . Mark Ruffalo told DarkHorizons.com that playing a cop is almost like playing a criminal. “They’re as close to being bad guys as you can get without being a bad guy so they’re walking a very fine line, you know.”

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