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Nicole Richie is worried her DUI could land her behind bars.
updated 2/15/2007 2:47:22 AM ET 2007-02-15T07:47:22

Nicole Richie is worried about doing time.

The reality star has confided to her best-pal-again Paris Hilton that she is terrified that the Dec. 11 DUI charges against her will land her in jail, according to Life & Style Weekly.

The two buddies recently dined at Mr. Chow in L.A., where Richie expressed her fears to Hilton.

“She was really freaking out,” an “insider” told the mag. “Paris kept telling Nicole not to worry, that everything was going to be fine.” Richie is apparently especially worried because she has a 2002 DUI under her belt.

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One unkind observer quipped to The Scoop: “Maybe she’s worried that prison stripes will make her look fat.”

Bicycle built for two?
Are Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow back in tandem?

The two had a messy split a year ago, but reportedly got together recently and are so friendly, that some are predicting they’ll start dating again.

Armstrong and Crow were spotted in Solvang, California, in a restaurant they used to visit when they were a couple, according to Star. The two reportedly stayed at the Royal Scandinavian Inn.

“I saw Sheryl in the lobby with Lance but she was only here for one night,” an inn staffer told the tab.

The source wouldn’t confirm whether the pair shared a room, but did reveal that in the past years, they booked separate rooms “for appearance’s sake,” and possibly to avoid detection.

Another source told Star that Crow was merely visiting members of the discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, and Armstrong was there to lend support to his former team, which practices there.

But yet another insider says that the singer and the cyclist have become “extremely close” — but insists that as for now, they’re “just friends.”

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