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Video: Foods that keep you young-looking

updated 1/12/2007 12:02:23 PM ET 2007-01-12T17:02:23

If you're tried every lotion and potion hoping to have beautiful skin, thick, shiny hair or a dynamite smile, you may be going at it all wrong.  The truth is, eating the right foods can help you not only feel great but look fabulous too. Here's nutritionist Joy Bauer's prescription for beauty.

For Fabulous SKIN, eat foods rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, E and Omega 3 fats.

Beta Carotenehelps maintain epithelial tissue and acts as antioxidant. Therefore, it can help to prevent premature wrinkling. Beta carotene is found in deep orange fruits and vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, mango and apricots.

Vitamin Cis involved in the production of collagen, the "glue" that holds the body's cells together – skin included. Deficiencies can cause bruising, loss of skin elasticity, and poor healing of cuts and scrapes. And like beta carotene, Vitamin C acts as antioxidant.

Good sources include red peppers, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, and broccoli.

Vitamin EActs as a potent anti-oxidant – preserving healthy skin cells from free radicals. Good sources include wheat germ, almonds, peanut butter and avocado

Omega 3 Fats helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes. Foods include fatty fish like salmon and sardines, omega 3 fortified eggs, flaxseeds and walnuts.

For Healthy HAIR eat foods high in Iron rich protein and B- vitamins.

Iron-Rich Protein Iron delivers oxygen to cells all over the body – including hair follicles. Foods include red meat, turkey, oysters, lentils and eggs.

B-Vitamins: (B6, B12 and folate) Involved in building red blood cells… and helps to circulate oxygen. This improves the physical properties – elasticity, strength and gloss of the hair shaft.

For a Dynamite SMILE -- healthy gums, sweet breath and strong teeth, do the following: 

  • Get adequate calcium and vitamin D
  • Drink plenty of water (water helps wash away food particles and keeps gums healthy. Also, most tap water supplies fluoride)
  • Chew sugarless gum (helps keep your mouth moist and remove food debris)
  • Drink green or black tea (helps combat bad breath and also contains fluoride).
  • When possible, drink beverages through a straw (to bypass your teeth).

For a Lean, bloat-free STOMACH, follow this guide:


  • Excessive carbonated Beverages
  • CARB and FAT Heavy Meals
  • SALTY Foods
  • Excessive SUGAR ALCOHOLS
  • Very High FIBER Foods                     


  • Drink lots of flat water
  • Make PROTEIN the star of each meal
  • Spread low-volume meals throughout the day (every 4-5 hours)

For more information on healthy eating, visit nutrition expert, Joy Bauer’s website at www.joybauernutrition.com

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