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Video: Board games for adults

By Contributing Editor, Toy Wishes magazine
updated 11/16/2006 4:01:22 PM ET 2006-11-16T21:01:22

Games are hot with adults right now. Whether you’re hanging out at a bar with a group of people you’ve just met or spending time at home with your favorite friends, games can provide hours of entertainment. But with so many games on the market, which ones are the best for social occasions?

When selecting games, look for ones that are easy to learn, fun to play, and provide different variations every time you play. The best social board games are the ones where players interactive with each other to create the experience. Best of all, you’ll probably be amazed at what you learn about people when you play games — who’s more competitive than you thought; who’s a gracious (or cranky) loser, and who’s able to laugh at themselves.

Games provide an easy, fun, and non-threatening way to interact with people and get to know them. And they can be a great centerpiece for an evening’s entertainment that’s relatively low cost. If you’re the host, make sure you balance people’s interests and skills and create an environment where even if the play gets competitive. Remember, it’s all in fun.

When picking games for a group, try to select ones that give everyone a chance to play. The now-classic Pictionary is a great option because you really don’t have to be able to draw to make this “charades” on paper work.

Here are some great games for adults right now — some new and some old.

For everyone:

  • Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s Edition
  • Scene It? (A variety of different editions for your interests in TV, movies and more.)
  • Pop 5 (Cranium’s new popular culture game.)
  • Cranium (The original and still engaging game.)
  • Password DVD Edition

For families:

  • High School Musical DVD Game
  • Disney DVD Bingo
  • Dragonology: The Game
  • Scene It? Nickelodeon Edition

For serious gamers:

  • Magic: The Gathering New 9th Edition
  • Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean

For more information on these games, visit ToyWishes.com, TheToyGuy.com, or better yet, go check out the games at your local store. Who knows what may inspire you?

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