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Jillian Michaels, shown here with her Chihuahua, Baxter, isn't being specific about why she left weight-loss reality show "Biggest Loser."
updated 10/9/2006 4:32:04 PM ET 2006-10-09T20:32:04

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Q: Why isn't Jillian Michaels back on “Biggest Loser” this season?    —Sandy

A: A very good question, but no one is really willing to say. What we do know: After two seasons of training the red team on "The Biggest Loser," Jillian Michaels has left the show. She was replaced by trainer Kim Lyons.

An NBC spokesperson said, "Jillian Michaels has decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities," and called her "a wonderful asset to 'The Biggest Loser' and has changed the lives of so many of the contestants. We wish her continued success in all her future endeavors."

Jillian's representatives didn't respond to a request for comment, but her Web site definitely shows that she has many projects on her plate. In addition to offering training programs via her Web site, she hosts a talk show on KFI AM 640 in LA on Sunday mornings. (LA readers, maybe one of you should call in and ask her.) And earlier this year, she and Bob trained contestants on the Australian version of "The Biggest Loser."    —A.D.

Q: Where do the eliminated contestants go on “The Amazing Race” after they get eliminated? Do they all stay at some hotel in the city where the race finishes? Surely they can’t just go home or we’d know the order in which they were eliminated. Where do they go?      —Sara

A: At "The Amazing Race" panel this summer at the TV Critics' Association annual meeting, I grabbed executive producer Jonathan Littman and asked him this very question. All he would say is that the eliminated racers go to "a neutral city."

I asked if it was like Loser Island on "Survivor," and he laughed and said "yes, but ours is nicer."    —G.F.C.

Q: When will the next season of 'The Surreal Life' premiere? Which celebrities will be on it?    —Mike, Florida

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A: There are actually two seasons of VH1's smash hit "The Surreal Life" that will be debuting soon. First up will be "The Surreal Life: Fame Games," a sort of all-star series that will also be a competition, as its name implies. The cast members will compete for $100,000, and will be eliminated one by one as the competition progresses.

Appearing will be Traci Bingham, Sandy Denton, C.C. Deville, Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Emmanuel Lewis, Joanie Laurer, Andrea Lowell, Brigitte Nielsen, and Verne Troyer. Former New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight was a cast member, but he quit sometime during production, possibly due to family-related issues. Verne Troyer, aka Mini Me, was his replacement.

The show taped last March, and was scheduled to air either in late summer or the early part of the fourth quarter (right about now). However, there's been no official word from VH1 announcing the series. I'd guess, however, that it'll follow "Flavor of Love 2" once that show concludes.

There's also a seventh season of the show upcoming, although there's been, again, no official word about it. However, poker star Phil Hellmuth said on a radio show that he, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, and Playmate Tina Jordan would be on the show.

Other rumors name people such as Carrot Top, Dabney Coleman, and Jason Allen Alexander (Britney's husband for a day) as cast members; at least, they're former stars VH1 has asked to participate. Again, nothing is confirmed or official.    —A.D.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is MSNBC.com's Television Editor. Andy Dehnart is a writer and teacher who publishes reality blurred, a daily summary of reality TV news.

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