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Nicole Richie
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Nicole Richie isn't extending an olive branch to her former friend, Paris Hilton.
updated 10/5/2006 3:23:18 AM ET 2006-10-05T07:23:18

Nicole Richie says there is “no chance” that she’ll reconcile with her former best friend Paris Hilton — at least in the near future.

The star of “The Simple Life” also says that there’s nothing about the friendship that she misses.

“We haven’t been friends in about three years,” Richie told talk show host Tyra Banks, explaining that she and Hilton’s friendship had actually ended a couple of years before Hilton announced it.

She denied rumors that the two parted ways when Richie hosted a viewing of Hilton’s infamous sex tape, explaining, “There was no falling out. We’re just not the same people.”

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She also blasted buzz that she’s going to reconcile on-air, saying, “That would be just stupid.”

Richie also addressed the issue of her weight, flatly denying that she has anorexia or bulimia — and insisted that her thinness is due to nerves.

She acknowledged that she needs to pack on a few pounds, but when asked how many, says she doesn’t know, explaining, “I don’t own a scale.”

There goes the bride
Aaron Carter’s former fiancée says the crooner has “emotional problems” — and even hinted that Carter used drugs.

Carter, 18, proposed to 22-year old Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Peniche on stage in Las Vegas earlier this month, but the two called off the engagement after a week.

“We realized that at our age, we weren’t quite ready for the commitment of marriage,” Peniche told Playboy Radio Sirius. “[Carter] has a lot of emotional problems — I just want him to get healthy and happy — I just want him to become stable.”

When asked if drugs might be influencing Carter’s judgement, Peniche replied, “No, not influencing.  I think maybe it’s like his way of dealing with his, you know, emotions.”

Notes from all over
Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have reportedly hit a rough patch. The stars of “The O.C.” fell in love while working on the show, and it “looked like they were on their way to getting engaged just a little while back,” a source told Star, but “are going through a really difficult period right now.” One reason, according to the insider, may be because of Bilson’s friendship with Zach Braff , her co-star from “The Last Kiss.” “Zach calls Rachel a lot and they talk on the phone like girlfriends,” says the insider. "But what really eats away at Adam is when Rachel starts talking about how mature Zach is. No guy appreciates his girlfriend comparing him to another guy.”  . . .Hello! Magazine says Eddie Murphy is confirming those rumors that he and Melanie B. — better known to some as former Spice Girl “Scary Spice” — are an item. The comedian reportedly told business associates that he is “madly in love with” Mel, but added, “there are no wedding plans.”  . . . Are Scientologists looking to make Tom Cruise a best-seller? Some news vendors in Los Angeles believe members of the church are buying up multiple copies of Vanity Fair’s October issue, with Tom Cruise’s family pictures on the cover, to make sure that the issue is a huge seller, according to In Touch. Philip Hovan, who owns a Los Angeles newsstand near a number of Scientology-owned businesses, tells In Touch that he has sold three times the number of magazines he normally does. “People have been buying five or six copies each,” he says.

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