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Video: Paris is officially overrated

updated 8/29/2006 3:42:27 AM ET 2006-08-29T07:42:27

People who want to sleep in Paris Hilton’s bed now have a chance. But the partying heiress isn’t part of the deal.

Paris Hilton’s scuffed king-size bed is being hawked — complete with a quite-used mattress — in an online auction, along with dozens of other items from Hilton’s house. The opening bid is $1,500.

Hilton’s old pillows, couches, and lamps are also up for grabs, and auctioneer StarStyle.com assures us that 10 percent of each sale goes to charity.

Cassie's many controversies
Cassie wants fans to know she’s not a bleep.

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The “Me & U” crooner apologized on her MySpace page for saying on a New York radio show that singers Bow Wow and Omarion had hit on her — through emissaries.

“Bow and Omarion are great guys and it was wrong of me to talk about them on air,” Cassie wrote. She had also rated various male celebs on a scale of one to 10 — with Derek Jeter getting a mediocre five, and Justin Timberlake an only slightly better seven — which she now called “BS,” adding, “It didn’t mean anything to me. None of them were right if I had really thought them through.”

Slideshow: Paris Hilton Cassie also insisted that she never told anyone that hit song “Me & U” is about oral sex. And she denied leaking an “unofficial” video that’s playing all over the Internet — not the one that’s not being played on MTV — that leaves little doubt that is indeed what the song is about.

And, finally, the 19-year-old former model apologized for not being very good in concert. “I am aware that my live performances have been pretty bad,” she wrote. “No excuses, I’m still getting over stage fright. I am very upset with the series of events this week and I do not appreciate people making me look and sound crazy. I’m not a whore or a [bleep], which is what people have been making me out to be. I’m a 19-year-old girl, I’m single and I’m working my [bleep] off.”

Notes from all over
Kelly Clarkson fans are buzzing about how Clay Aiken’s new album, “A Thousand Different Ways,” which will be released next month, showcases “Without You” — a song that really wowed the “American Idol” judges when Clarkson sang it. “It only goes to show how much more power her voice has than his,” scoffs one Clarkson fan.  . . . Madonna kept celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow waiting two hours at her own 48th birthday party, reports the London Sun.  . . . Tori Spelling sees dead people — at her wedding . “We performed a Fijian ritual of honoring the three angels who brought us together,”  the “So NoTORIous” star told OK! magazine. “I invited my deceased parents Doreen and David,” her hubby Dean McDermott, explained. “I know for a fact that my mum and dad brought Tori into my life.” The third angel was apparently Tori’s childhood nanny, Margaret Lockett, who died two years ago.

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