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Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
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With baby number two on the way, Britney Spears reportedly wants to renew her vows with husband Kevin Federline, and has also given him a black American Express card.
updated 8/10/2006 2:42:30 AM ET 2006-08-10T06:42:30

Is Britney Spears ready to Oops, Do It Again?

The pop star is preparing to renew her vows to hubby Kevin Federline, according to In Touch Weekly. The two got married in September 2004 in a rushed ceremony, reportedly attended by only 20 or 30 friends, nixing an elaborate affair that was being planned by her mother for a month later.

Now, after surviving a few rough patches in their marriage, the couple has decided to renew their vows after the birth of their second child in October, reports the mag. After reports that Spears had consulted a divorce lawyer, “she wants to show the world that she is happily married,” an insider told ITW.

Spears’ spokeswoman tells The Scoop she knows nothing of plans for renewed vows.

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And in another romantic gesture, Spears has allegedly bestowed upon her hubby a black American Express card with no credit limit. Although the two have reportedly fought over money, this gift is Spears' effort, according to the mag, “to prove how much she trusts him.”

Gibson protesters foiled again
A group of Mel Gibson foes is having trouble finding a forum for their views.

Last week, The Scoop reported that some Los Angelenos who had pooled together $40,000 for a billboard protesting Gibson for his anti-Semitic comments kept getting turned down by companies who feared repercussions from the film-industry town.

After our item ran, a firm that sells space on the electronic billboards at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Yankee and Shea Stadiums in New York contacted Andy Behrman, the Los Angeles publicist who was spearheading the effort, saying “Anti-Gibson advertising accepted here.” Wrote the account exec: “Being anti-Mel myself….I am happy to deeply discount our rate card for the satisfaction of helping get the message out.”

A deal was offered and accepted, but then the company backed out. “My bosses are taking the same stance that the other out of home/billboard companies did with you, in fear of being sued and getting ‘negative’ publicity,” the exec explained in an email. “Sorry to have gotten you all excited; I truly never imagined that we wouldn’t be able to get this done.”

Anti-Mel merchants on the Internet, meanwhile, seem to have no such qualms. A source at ScandalShirts.com says that T-shirts with Gibson’s mug shot and the Yiddish slur “Schmuck” are selling “briskly.”

Notes from all over
“American Idol” meanie Simon Cowell has a soft spot for hot dogs. And we don’t mean the edible types. The caustic judge has recorded a commercial for PETA, pleading with pet owners not to leave their pooches in the car on warm days. “Far be it from me to be critical, but I find it really appalling that, this year, thousands of dogs will die of heatstroke inside parked cars,” says Cowell, who appears in the TV spot with his canine pal Claude. In an interview with HelpingAnimals.com, Cowell even admits that he’s more sympathetic to contestants if they’re animal lovers. “I once had an incident with a guy who auditioned who actually admitted he likes killing animals,” Cowell claims. “[He] didn’t go through.” . . . Madonna is taking this whole deity complex thing pretty seriously. The pop star, who hangs on a cross in her current tour, was spotted wearing a T-shirt that reads: “In Madonna We Trust.”   . . . Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s kicked her smoking habit, but there’s one vice she just can’t let go: road rage. “I curse when I drive,” the “Shakespeare in Love” star tells the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “I’m like a horribly aggressive New York driver.  I’m always yelling ‘[Bleep] you!’ at truck drivers and honking my horn!”

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