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Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
Danny Moloshok  /  AP file
Britney Spears isn't a poet, and now everybody knows it.
updated 6/6/2006 2:39:11 AM ET 2006-06-06T06:39:11

Looks like Britney Spears is putting her marital woes into verse.

The pop princess, whose marriage to Kevin Federline is reportedly on the rocks, wrote an angst-filled poem that spoke of “manipulation” and “sins of the father” — and several sources who read the words on her Web site believe they were directed at her rapper-wannabe hubby.

“No more chains/ That you gave me/ Enough of pain/ Manipulation is the key,” read the poem in part. “They screw it in/ Because you’re naïve/You come to me now/ Why do you bother?/ Remember the Bible/ The sins of the father/ What you do/ You pass down/ No wonder why/ I lost my crown/ You don’t see me now/ You ask yourself why my crown is back/ And it’s way too high/ For you to be in my presence/ Especially my son/ You should bow down/ I’ve only just begun.”

The poem appears to no longer be online.

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“Assuming that it’s by Britney, and not just a hacker, that’s really a cry for help to her fans, but also a message to them that she’s going to turn things around,” one Spears follower said.

Spears' spokeswoman told The Scoop that she knows nothing of the posting and therefore cannot comment.

Simpson missing Lachey
Is Jessica Simpson regretting her split from Nick Lachey?

Sure sounds that way, sources say. The former “Newlyweds” star is “struggling with loneliness,” according to Life & Style Weekly.

“I’m tired of being alone,” Simpson told a friend, according to the mag. “I have no one to come home to, no one to call at the end of the night. I’m traveling all over the place by myself. When I was with Nick, I had someone who understood what I was going through.”

Friends are urging her to get back together with Lachey, and Simpson, when she heard that his TV pilot “She Said, He Said” wouldn’t be picked up, reportedly sent him an orchid and a basket of his favor­ite pinwheel cookies.

The divorce lawyers are close to finalizing a deal, but some close to Simpson say that she hopes they’ll reconcile before the split is a done deal. “It would be explosive,” a “pal” told the mag, “and they’re both attracted to fireworks.”

Notes from all over
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