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Ann Curry's exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie will be broadcast on “Today,” Thursday, April 27, and on“Dateline,” Sunday, April 30.
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Marking Global Education Week, NBC News' Ann Curry travels to Namibia, Africa, for an exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie, who has taken on a new cause, calling for all the world's children to be given the opportunity to get an education. In the interview, Jolie talks about her new life and motherhood. In addition, Jolie reveals to Curry that she is not yet eight months pregnant and knows the sex of her baby. The exclusive interview will be broadcast on “Today,” Thursday, April 27, and on“Dateline,” Sunday, April 30.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Why global education has seemingly become a global mission for Jolie

It seems also, for you, kind of a personal thing. You have two children you've adopted, both of whom might have been in this same circumstance of not being able to get educated.

Jolie: I look at them and I just think ... especially my daughter ... there's no possible way she would have gone to school ... she is so smart and so strong. And her potential as a woman one day is great ... hopefully ... she will be active in her country and in her continent when she's older. And because she'll have a good education, she'll be able to do that much more.

How she feels about the new direction her life has taken over the last few years

Jolie: I'm just very glad that I got on it ... my life is very full ... I'm very proud when I see my children, Mad who's four, just how he adjusts to different places in the world and different people and his views and the kind of man he's gonna be. I'm very lucky. But I do feel some people just don't have the chance to discover certain things. And so again ... if anybody was watching, I would say ... we're all exactly the same.

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