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In This Bug Species, the Females Wear the Penises

The gynosome is a "completely novel structure in evolution," said lead study author Kazunori Yoshizawa, an entomologist at Hokkaido University in Japan. "Evolution of such novelties is exceptionally rare, maybe comparable with the origin of insect wings."

Sunday on MTP: Ukraine Agreement, Democrat Playbook, Same-Sex Marriage

Updated 7 hours ago

Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality,” shares an inside account of Obama’s evolution on gay marriage, and reacts to recent criticism. NBC's Kevin Tibbles travels to a small Kentucky town, where the issue of the separation of church and state comes to ...

Evolution Debate: What Can Both Sides Agree On?

This week's evolution debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and creationist Ken Ham revealed the wide gap between the two sides. Are there ways to bridge that gap? Well, there's a weekend for that. We're now heading into Evolution Weekend, an annual ...

Caribbean lizards show that evolution repeats itself

Visit the Caribbean islands and you'll find the Anoles lizards hard to miss. You might run into one variety — the neon-green, crested, tree-top climbers — in Jamaica or Puerto Rico, but find them once again Hispaniola and Cuba, that look so similar you ...

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Evolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 15, 2014

Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to ...

Evolution | Define Evolution at

Updated 20 hours ago

evolution (ˌiːvəˈluːʃən) —n: 1. biology See also natural selection a gradual change in the characteristics of a population of animals or plants over ...

Evolution (2001) - IMDb

Updated April. 15, 2014

Directed by Ivan Reitman. With David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott. A firefighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky-but-sexy ...

Understanding Evolution - University of California, Berkeley

Updated April. 17, 2014

Teaching the science and history of evolutionary biology, from the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education.