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Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't think of her London mansion as home sweet home.
updated 1/4/2006 2:38:04 AM ET 2006-01-04T07:38:04

Is Gwyneth Paltrow enlisting the Kabbalah version of a ghostbuster?

The “Proof” star has called in a rabbi from the trendy Kabbalah Centre after becoming convinced that her London home is haunted, according to London’s Daily Mail.

“Gwyneth believes that the dark energy that has dogged her lately is due to something dark and unexplained in her home,” a source told the paper. “Her pregnancy is not as peaceful as her last one and she has also been upset by a stalker.” Paltrow, who is reportedly expecting to give birth in the spring, lives in the five-bedroom townhouse in Belsize Park with hubby Chris Martin of the band Coldplay and their 19-month-old daughter, Apple.

Paltrow reportedly acted on the advice of her pal, Madonna, who has been known to call on the help of a Kabbalah rabbi to bless concert stages to get rid of negative energy.

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“[Paltrow] is reluctant to move because they spent 1 million pounds ($1.75 million) renovating the house, on top of the 3.5 million pounds (about $6 million) they paid for it,” a source told the Mail.

But a spokesman for Paltrow says there’s not a ghost of truth to the tale.

“This is 100 percent false,” he told The Scoop. “[Paltrow] does not feel her home has any bad energy, and, in fact, feels that the house has wonderful energy and enjoys all the time she and her family spend there. Also, Gwyneth is not a follower of Kabbalah and therefore has not enlisted the help of a Kabbalah rabbi particularly since there is nothing to exorcise from the home.”

Pulp Foot-tion

Byron Cohen  /  Warner Bros.
Looks like Quentin Tarantino has a thing about feet. And Tyra Banks.

The edgy “Kill Bill” director was a guest on the former model’s talk show, which airs on Thursday, when he confessed that he’s “hooked” on her talk fest.

After Banks gushed to Tarantino that she’s a fan of his, Tarantino replied, “Thank you so much. Well I actually feel the same way because I watch your show every day.” He continued: “I kinda got hooked on the show ... I see the Tyra show at 10 [a.m. in L.A.], and then ... there’s the other one at five [p.m.].”

Banks, who heard that Tarantino has a foot fetish, then had him judge a spoof of America’s Top Model, examining the feet of three blindfolded women to select America’s Top Foot Model.

Notes from all over
Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have made a New Year’s resolution to be good friends again in 2006, according to In Touch Weekly.  . . . Orlando Bloom was spotted with Kate Bosworth at a 7-Eleven in Stockholm, asking where he could buy a lobster, according to a Swedish source. “He said he liked being here because people left him alone,” says the source, “and that he’d come back again.” . . . Being forced to smooch another guy taxed Heath Ledger’s acting ability, he says. “I didn’t really want to kiss Jake [Gyllenhaal],” the “Brokeback Mountain” star told Hotdog mag. “Not only that, but it was hard looking him in the eyes and telling him I loved him. To show love in the eyes for another man is something I’ve never done. Everything was new about it — so quite obviously there was fear about it.”

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