4 ways to get your home in back-to-school shape

With Labor Day now behind us, it is officially back-to-school time nationwide, and that means books are strewn around the house, backpacks are plopped by the doorway and laundry is piling up from after-school activities. It's time to rein in the madness and the interior designers from Laurel & Wolf, an online interior design marketplace, are here to help with these ways to keep the peace at home and conquer the back-to-school chaos.

1. Hang it up.

Laurel & Wolf Laurel & Wolf

The best way to keep everything clutter free is by giving it a place to live, so get those backpacks, handbags and briefcases off the floor by using decorative hooks, knobs and coat racks. Also, consider adding a small table below the hooks to create the same effect as a cubby for your little one to store their shoes and other out-the-door essentials.

2. Bins and baskets. 

Laurel & Wolf Laurel & Wolf

There are a plethora of fabulous looking bins and baskets in every color, style and texture, so take advantage of what's out there and make them work for you. Label or color code them to help keep your stuff in its proper place. We especially love the rectangular woven baskets that can easily be placed on bookshelves as they add beauty and function! 

3. Tackle the closet.

Laurel & Wolf Laurel & Wolf

An organized closet will make getting ready a breeze for any member of the family. Start with donating any items that you don't think you are ever going to wear again. Then, get smart with how you can organize the things you want to keep. Install hooks for scarves and bags, utilize the back of closet doors and use double hangers to maximize your space. 

4. Prep for the mess.

Laurel & Wolf Laurel & Wolf

Nothing says organized like knowing where your cleaning and laundry supplies are actually located. Pull them out from the depths of underneath the sink or the back of a cabinet and get them in an easy-to-reach location. Install simple rods and hooks for hanging, shelves for easy storage and a fold-away ironing board to help tackle laundry in style.