Looking to redo a room in your home? Get inspired with Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams.

What’s the most important thing when it comes to painting your home? Inspiration. And one of the easiest ways to get inspired is to find a picture you love. It could be any picture — a photo of the dream kitchen you found online or a snapshot from your favorite vacation destination. If it moves you, the Chip It!® tool from Sherwin-Williams can help you translate that excitement to any room in your home. With one click, it will instantly generate a color palette based on any image. 

Go to letschipit.com to watch the demo and learn more.

Use Chip It! to translate your favorite photo into an eye-catching color palette for your kitchen.

Chip It! can help you bring the perfect pop of color to every corner of your home.

With Chip It!, you can even brighten your breakfast nook with the color palette of your favorite morning show. 

Liven up your living room by using Chip It! to bring in all the pizzazz of your favorite photo.

Use Chip It! to bring the drama of your favorite image to your family room or den.  

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