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Is Khloe Kardashian too klean? Just see how often she washes her sheets

In a new post on her blog and app, Khloe Kardashian offers tips for a tidy household based on her own routine. But be warned: "A Clean Freak's Guide to Getting Clean" may be cleaner than you ever need to be.

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PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 06: Khloe Kardashian, executive producer, speaks onstage during FYI - Kocktails with Khloe panel during the A+E Networks 2016 Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on January 6, 2016 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Yes, just like big sister Kourtney showed us that our usual way of eating a Kit Kat — unwrap and consume — was actually four steps shy of her preferred method, Khloe has complicated the cleaning process a bit.

For instance, when it comes to sheets, she believes they should be washed every two days — or more.

"Obviously, if I'm not in town or not sleeping in my bed I'll wait a little, but the sheets definitely go in the wash every time after a spray tan," she said.

And towels? They go through the spin cycle after each use. "And [I] always bleach them," she added.

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When it comes to pillows, Khloe has no mercy for the mite-collectors.

Close up white bedding sheets and pillow, Messy bed concept; Shutterstock ID 304703930; PO: today.com

"I get new pillows every 6 months and send my duvets to the dry cleaners once a year," she wrote. "I saw this crazy thing on 'Oprah' 15 years ago about how pillows hold bacteria and dust mites so I am crazy about switching them out."

But she doesn't have to be quite so obsessed — or "KhloCD," as she puts it — about it.

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Just try "Keeping Up" with this schedule instead:

  • As for the pillows, if they're not sealed in a protective cover, it might be good to pitch them — after a year, says Prevention magazine.

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