25 of the most creative 'Elf on the Shelf' displays

It’s no secret: the Elf on the Shelf inspires a love/hate relationship for many parents. The joy that Santa’s little helper sparks in a child’s heart and the fact that because he/she’s always watching your kid (and keeping them well behaved) makes the Christmas tradition a hit. But, as parents know, it can be an annoying task to move him into a new position every night, especially when you’re tired and not feeling very creative.

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Can you spot the Elf on the Shelf?

Play Video - 1:30

Can you spot the Elf on the Shelf?

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If you’ve committed to doing the tradition, there’s no turning back, so you might as well make the most of it. Luckily there are plenty of parents out there who are executing well-thought-out and hilarious positions and scenes for their elves that can inspire even the biggest Elf on the Shelf haters.

Below, see 25 of the most creative displays we’ve come across. Some are super easy, some a little more involved, but all are likely to generate smiles.

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1. Bubble Bath

After a full day of watching the kids, anyone would need a good soak.

2. Medicine Cabinet Mischief

She found the Band-aid boxes! 🚨 #christmasfun #elfontheshelf #shenanigansofcandycane

A photo posted by Erin (@erin_nicole_brooks) on

For those nights when you’re feeling super tired, a box of Band-Aids can be a quick fix.

3. Gone Fishin'

Bojingle went fishing 🎣 #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Bree (@thisaintnoplace4nohero) on

Some Goldfish crackers and a few supplies found around the house make this display a great catch.

4. Hot, Hot, Hot

Heat things up, especially on the days when it's snowing outside.

5. Helping out the Salvation Army

This elf pitches in to raise funds and awareness for The Salvation Army. He's just so charitable!

6. Staircase Rescue

#buzzlightyearandwoody #elfontheshelf #buddytheelf #2016 trying to rescue the elf

A photo posted by Traci Roberts (@batmom07) on

Gather up the Elf’s friends and stage a rescue attempt.

7. Elfie Selfie

Look who decided to show up. 🃏🃏 #elfontheshelf #penny #uhoh #elfieselfie #feelingfestive

A photo posted by ʜªƥƥiƪƴ ƕɘɗ ↟ (@happilyhued) on

Even elves love taking pics of themselves. #saycheese

8. Reindeer Ride

It’s better than the car during rush hour.

9. Planning an Escape

Have the kids been so rowdy your elf wants to escape? Here’s a fun way to show it.

10. Spider-Elf

Spider-Man and Alfie are surfing their version of the world wide web. #alfiebell2015 #spiderman #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Alfie (@alfieontheshelf) on

If you’ve got the energy, this one’s a hit on the web.

11. Radio City Rockette

Alfie is getting in his kicks with the #Rockettes at the #RCChristmas #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Alfie (@alfieontheshelf) on

A fun way to kick things up a notch.

12. Movie Night

Date night! Another great #elfontheshelf by @dankellermtg while I'm out of town!

A photo posted by Jenny Keller (@jennycookies) on

Treat yo-elves to a relaxing night in.

13. Hanging Around

If he wants to venture outside, here’s an easy way to let him hang.

14. Zip-Lining Fun

Day 4

A photo posted by Alfie (@alfieontheshelf) on

He’s such a risk-taker!

15. Elf on Strike

The elf came early because the girls had been nice...there have been a change of events. #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Suzanne Witten Cates (@suzanne_cates) on

Sometimes you just gotta do this.

16. Make Some Noise

#francesthexmaself #francesrobinson #fireballfrances #elfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by FrancesXmasElf (@frances.robinson926) on

Earplugs (thankfully!) not required.

17. Under the Weather

Uh oh...the whole house caught the funk! #elfontheshelf #Christmas

A photo posted by Kiki (@adventurekiki) on

For when your elf needs a sick day...

18. Instagram Influencer

Hashtag: Our Elf is on Instagram! #tweenMomapproved #elfontheshelf #fmspad #fms_photoofaphoto

A photo posted by Ronessa Tholl (@nessylynn80) on

See how many likes this one will get!

19. A Day at the Aquarium

The North Pole probably doesn’t have an attraction like this.

20. Grumpy Elves

Oh no! Grumpy Elves! #grumpycat #jennycookieselfontheshelf

A photo posted by Jenny Keller (@jennycookies) on

Turn that frown upside down!

21. Stinky Shoes

Deck the Halls with Stinky Shoeses! #elfontheshelf #ktinsel #bubbly #elf #elfhijinks #elfadventures #elfontheshelfideas

A photo posted by K'Tinsel and Bubbly Elf (@elf.off.the.shelf) on

Maybe have some yummy candles on hand for this day.

22. It’s Magic!

The Amazing K'Tinsel and his lovely assistant Bubbly! #elfontheshelf #ktinsel #bubbly #elf #elfhijinks #elfadventures #elfontheshelfideas

A photo posted by K'Tinsel and Bubbly Elf (@elf.off.the.shelf) on

Let’s just hope he can put her back together.

23. Pageant Beauty

Beautiful on the inside and out...

24. Holiday Help Booth

Stephen and Sara Zenter

Sometimes you just need someone to talk with.

25. Breakfast Spaghetti

Stephen and Sara Zenter

If Buddy the Elf loves it, yours will, too.

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