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9 inflatable floats you need for your next pool party

Summer is finally here, and things are starting to heat up. But before you jump into the pool, you might want to grab the ultimate swimming accessory: a fun float!

From yummy frozen treats to cute aquatic creatures, there are plenty of inflatables available now that will give your pool a pop of color and liven up the festivities. (Oh, and they’re also great for your summer Instagram game. Just ask Reese Witherspoon.)

We've rounded up our favorite floats that are sure to bring a little more joy to your pool this summer.

1. Pizza pie


No food in the pool ... except for this giant pepperoni pizza. Each slice fits one adult, and you can buy them individually or as an 8-piece set. Pizza party, anyone?

$49.99 for one slice or $329.99 for 8-piece set from Swimline, available at and other retailers.

2. Red, white and blue ice pop

BigMouth Inc.

Nothing screams summer like a red, white and blue popsicle. The best part about this one? It won't drip! At six feet long, this inflatable is a fun way to cool down during those hot scorching days (no freezer required).

$34.99 from BigMouth Inc., available at and other retailers.

3. Giant pineapple


Give your pool party a tropical twist with this pineapple float. Don’t worry, the inflatable is a lot more comfortable to the touch than the actual fruit is — no spikes to worry about!

$60 from Sunnylife, available at and other retailers.

4. Pink flamingo

Never not working... even when I'm floating in a flamingo. 😜 #TGIF

A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

"Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell was spotted hanging out with this pretty little flamingo, and it certainly made a splash (pardon our pun!) on Instagram. The hot pink floatie can loop around your waist. And while it's not required, standing on one leg is highly encouraged for the complete flamingo experience.

$34.99 from BigMouth Inc., available at and other retailers.

5. Ice cream cone


While it’s tempting to get out of the pool when you hear the ice cream truck jingling down the street, you’ll probably be more inclined to stay put if you’re already lounging with this delicious-looking cone.

$45 from Sunnylife, available at and other retailers.

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6. New York pretzel


A nod to the classic summertime treat, this giant pretzel float reminds us of baseball game concessions or the food from a bustling street fair — all of which equal pure joy. Know what else brings happiness? Seeing your kids’ smiles while they play with this salty snack. Up to three children can fit in the tube.

$17.99 from Swimline, available at and other retailers.

7. Life-size gummy bear

BigMouth Inc.

Sweeten up your summer by popping this adorable red gummy bear float in the pool. It’s just as good as real candy, but without the risk of cavities.

$29.99 from BigMouth Inc., available at and other retailers.

8. Watermelon slice


No seeds to worry about with this yummy-looking watermelon. The six-foot inflatable will provide some nice pool lounging on a hot summer day. Talk about refreshing!

$60 from Sunnylife, available at and other retailers

9. Summery seashell

Urban Outfitters

Bring those beach vibes to your pool with this giant seashell float. Bonus: it has two drink holders so you’ll basically never have to move.

$48 from Urban Outfitters, available at beginning July 18.