Weight-loss Challenge: Try this list of distractions to fend off munchies

Jan. 15, 2012 at 1:00 AM ET

Joy Bauer's 10,000-pound weight loss challenge is going strong! Tune in to TODAY on Tuesday for the latest update on how much weight we've lost. And see below for information on how to participate!

Arm yourself with a “hit list” of 3 distracting activities you can jump into when you need to get your mind off of food, and keep it prominently posted on the fridge. Your list will be especially valuable in the evening hours, when cravings tend to strike. If you’re prepared with a strategy, you’re less likely to fall prey to the munchies and veer off-plan.

Good diversions include: cleaning out your purse, painting your nails, reading a magazine, cleaning out your email inbox, calling a friend, doing a Sudoku puzzle or crossword, playing a game on your phone or computer, or going for a 10-minute power walk to clear your head of food-related thoughts.

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